Who is DJ Reggie from Queer Eye Season 6 and what’s his Instagram?

Who is DJ Reggie from Queer Eye Season 6 and what's his Instagram?

Reggie Devore is just one of several heroes set to star in Netflix’s Queer Eye Season 6, after being nominated for support from the Fab Five. We found him on Instagram…

Season six is set to follow the following ten heroes: Terri, Angel, Josh, Navarro high prom, Todd, Jamie, Chris, Sarah, Reggie and Jereka. We see culture expert Karamo Brown give Reggie some words of inspiration in the trailer.

He tells him: “Say to yourself: My dreams don’t hurt me. My dreams give me the best moments of my life.” We found the DJ on Instagram, and found out more about the Queer Eye star’s background…

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Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Reggie on Queer Eye?

Reggie Devore, otherwise known as BlackLight Hip Hop in the music world, is from Austin, Texas.

He is seen on Queer Eye juggling being a father to a newborn alongside his career as a DJ and hip hop artist. Now able to add ‘Netflix star’ to his resume, Reggie is also an audio engineer and producer.

As written on his website, the DJ’s slogan is: “Make a way for yourself, and don’t let anyone slow down your hustle.

He released his second album Full-Time in October 2020, and performed at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai as a special guest, opening for big-time artists Dua Lipa and Katy Perry.

His DJ career and family explored

Reggie’s most popular song on Spotify, called Get Up, has reached over 11.6K listens on the platform.

He was also in a commercial and music video for OnePlus, featured in the February 2020 issue of EASTside Magazine, and an eight-page story in the June 2020 edition of Addition Magazine.

Currently recording for his third studio album, Reggie is a father-of-two to a 12-year-old daughter and son Stokely.

The Netflix star’s DJ career is certainly making waves, as he is currently selling tickets for a February gig at the Empire Control Room. He will be supported by artists such as The Capitol and Uncommon People.

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Meet Reggie Devore on Instagram

Reggie currently has at least 939 followers on Instagram, which is likely to increase once fans watch his journey on Queer Eye. He proudly states his appearance on the Netflix show in his bio.

Other accomplishments are listed in his bio, including his commercial debut: “5.8M views “Never Settle” OnePlus.”

Family and his music career are clearly his main priorities, including his wife Sasha Devore, who works as a writer. He’s either pictured in the studio with son Stokely there for support, or promoting his next concert.



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