With a little TLC, Vanessa Cross has smashed her weight loss aims
Screenshot: Vannessa's Surgery Day Has Arrived! | 1000-lb Best Friends, TLC YouTube

With a little TLC, Vanessa Cross has smashed her weight loss aims

Vannessa Cross shared her weight loss journey on TLC’s 1000-lb Best Friends. Since filming began, we can confirm that she has shed some serious pounds as a result of her sheer determination to improve her life.

The 1000-lb Sisters spin-off followed Vannessa and her bestie Meghan as they embarked on a journey to lose weight. Together, they weighed a combined weight of over 1,000 pounds, and so decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Vannessa explained in the trailer for the new show that she has found it impossible to stick to a diet, however, went on to say that she is “sick of being fat and tired” at her then-weight of 448 lbs.

Since then though, she has drastically changed her life around and has dropped to under 400 pounds. We’ve even seen pictures on the TLC star’s Instagram to prove it. Drum roll please…

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Vannessa Cross before weight loss

When Vannessa weighed over 400 pounds, fans praised the TLC star for her confidence to wear whatever she likes, including a bikini she wore during a vacation. In a bid to improve her life though, she decided to take up exercise.

Vannessa explained that both her and her co-star have been “dealing with our weight since junior high”, followed by Meghan saying they are “big as hell”. Between the besties, they used to weigh around 1000-lbs combined.

For the past 43 years, she admitted she has done nothing but stretch her body to its max, but the 1000-lb Best Friends cast member was able to reduce it and become the woman she always wanted to be.

In the last six years in particular, her weight has fluctuated between 350 and 500 pounds, which began with the death of her husband. She first weighed in at 441.6 pounds, after previously losing 20 pounds six months before.

1000-lb Best Friends: Her journey

Vannessa claimed that she could not healthy because she could not afford the food. However, that didn’t stop her from taking up regular exercise with her best friend Meghan in tow.

After several hard-earned weeks of determination, she managed to get under 400 lbs and was approved for weight loss surgery. Vannessa admitted that not being to eat scared her and claimed she was nervous ahead of the procedure.

With the support of Meghan, and her other two best friends Tina and Ashley, she underwent the bariatric surgery she strived for. The main man behind her progress is Dr. Procter, who assisted her on her diet and exercise program.

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The TLC star’s transformation

Vannessa has declared that she can now live the next 40 years as “normal.” Following the procedure, she has clearly kept the weight off and looks more transformed than ever on her Instagram page.

She has even shared snippets of her diet, including some super-baked chicken wings, and continues to pay regular visits to Dr. Procter. Just a week ago, Vannessa said he has been “busy” while waiting in line to see him.

The last scale weight we heard about Vannessa’s progress revealed she had gotten down to 398 lbs, a massive drop from her heaviest at around 500 pounds. Plus, her confidence is like never before, as she is always smiling!

Her face and neck appear significantly slimmer in her latest photos, which is all thanks to her commitment to exercising and eating healthier than she has ever done in the past.



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