Lewis Flanagan is proving everybody’s favourite piece of eye candy inside the Big Brother house.

The 27-year-old from Stockton-On-Tees is up for live eviction against Lewis Gregory, as the second housemate to leave the series will be decided on Friday night (September 27th).

Although it is Lewis G that is the favourite to face the boot, you may want to feast your eyes with as much Flanagan as you can get.

You know, just in case…

Lewis F Instagram

As you may have expected, Lewis’s Instagram is all about positive vibes and good energy.

If it’s not a yoga picture, an abs shot, something arty or a cheeky model pose, then it’s not making the cut.

Exhibit A…

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And exhibit B…


Mr Colgate

For most people, it took about 10 minutes before they noticed that Lewis is brushing his teeth in this picture.

Hell, some of you may never notice.

Either way, we’d definitely buy the latest Colgate product if it made us look like this…

Changing His Ways

As far as inspirational Instagram quotes go, this one is a beauty.

Lewis said, in his Insta post:

Doing a Michael Jackson and starting with the man in the mirror… One of my biggest issues with society is that everyone expects loyalty but no ones willing to give it, everyone expects change but no ones willing to change, everyone expects 100% but no ones willing to give 100%.

Going Down

You’re in a lift. It’s just you and Lewis Flanagan.

He asks “going down” and hits the button for the first floor. It lights up but dings erratically.

You’re stuck.

What next?

Vegan Power

Lewis has previously confessed to being a flexitarian, meaning he still enjoys many benefits of the vegan lifestyle – like vegan cocktail parties in London!

As the only topless guy, clearly, it’s only the hardcore cucumber lovers that get the honour of going bare-chested.

Screaming Orgasm

Lewis moved to London where he served cocktails at a Shoreditch bar. In fact, he probably labelled himself a mixologist.

Either way, we’ll have two Screaming Orgasms and a Sex on the Beach, please.


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