Big Brother recently welcomed blonde bombshell Isabella Farnese as a new contestant.

The 23-year-old horse enthusiast has almost 2,000 followers on Instagram with as many pictures of her champion body than there are of her noble steed.

Here are seven of Isabella’s scorching hot pics!

Big Brother 2018 - Isabella Farnese.
Big Brother 2018 – Isabella Farnese.

Definitely Not Glasto

According to this picture, Isabella is ‘glamping’ at some sort of festival.

There’s glamping, then there’s going to bed in a tent looking like this…

The caption read:

Who knew glamping could be so fun.


A single lady going into the house, people have already speculated over a potential romance between Isabella and Lewis Flanagan.

Getting chatty with Lewis while he was in the bathtub, could a romance between the pair stop Lewis’s wave after wave of moans.

We can hope…


Rumour has it that if you catch direct eye contact with Isabella then you turn to stone.

It was Medusa or Isabella. Can’t quite remember the accurate Greek mythology.

Gym Goals

Isabella has a dynamite body and you can see it here in all its beauty.

Clearly, she works hard at the gym.

Whether her gym bathroom needs a bit of an upgrade, however, well that’s a different question.

Strike a Pose

If you’re going to take a picture in monochrome then you’re going to have to a strike pose.

Whether this pic was part some official model photography or not, it certainly looks the real deal.

Good Girl

Titled “good girl”, obviously all of the comments on this photo were from men adding “gone bad”.

The banter may be grade D but the shot is grade A.

Summer is Coming

Flaunting her first bikini pic of 2018, Isabella dived into the summer vibes by April.

She’s also living proof that the Snapchat dog nose filter lives on – screw the updates!


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