People’s consumer behaviour has changed a lot during the last few years. There are more viewers turning to social media for the latest news and updates on a variety of national and international topics.

In fact, ITV recently launched a news bulletin targeted for online users.

The broadcaster airs a daily series called The Rundown on Instagram and other social media apps, aiming to provide useful news to 14-17-year-old viewers.

The daily bulletin is presented by Amani Ibrahimi. So, let’s meet the ITV host and get to know her more, including age and social media accounts!

Amani Ibrahimi

What is The Rundown?

The Rundown was launched by ITV in response to a recent survey aimed at people aged between 14 and 17 years old.

Following the survey, the broadcaster created the service to provide news specifically tailored for the targeted group.

ITV’s daily series coincides with the current social distancing rules and the closure of schools across the UK, meaning there will be more young people tuning in to watch the news.

Meet The Rundown’s Amani Ibrahimi 

Amani is a journalist and presenter from Middlesbrough in her early twenties. In 2016, she graduated in Multimedia Journalism from Teeside University.

And according to her LinkedIn profile, Amani did a 3-month internship as a television news reporter in 2017 before joining Made Television as an on-screen reporter.

Then in 2018, the presenter joined the ITV family as a trainee production journalist where she spent a full year in the same role. And since September 2019, she’s been a producer and presenter for The Rundown.

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Follow Amani on social media

You can follow Amani on Instagram under the handle @amaniibrahimi. There, the young presenter has only 63 posts, but a fan base of 3,811 followers at the time of writing.

Amani shares mostly about her presenting gigs on ITV News, but you will find a few snaps outside of her journalism career too.

And if you’re after her Twitter account, you can follow her @amaniibrahimi1.




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