Ant and Dec prank Jeremy Kyle: Re-live the Saturday Night Takeaway 2013 antics!

Fan-favourite duo Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly returned with a new episode of Saturday Night Takeaway last weekend.

The ITV programme usually airs with a live studio audience. However, on Saturday (March 21st) the show aired without one due to the growing coronavirus cases across the UK.

Nevertheless, Ant and Dec were there to entertain viewers watching at home and deliver a much-need laugh during such a difficult period. The two presenters are memorable for doing hilarious pranks to celebrities and once they pranked TV host Jeremy Kyle.

So, let’s recap how Ant and Dec pranked Jeremy Kyle!

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Saturday Night Takeaway Ant and Dec

Jeremy Kyle’s prank

Ant and Dec pulled a hilarious stunt on Jeremy Kyle back in 2013.

Jeremy used to present The Jeremy Kyle Show from 2005 to 2019 on ITV. And between 2011 and 2013, he also hosted an American version of his show for two seasons.

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Ant and Dec pranked the presenter during an episode of the American series.

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What happened in the prank?

In the episode, Jeremy had a guest who lied that her partner had spent $11,000 on surgery to look like their cat.

In the next scene, the woman’s partner entered the studio who was Dec dressed as someone who’d recently undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Of course, Jeremy had no idea that the man looking like a human version of a cat is Dec and he really fell for the prank! Plus, everyone else in the audience thought the whole story was true.

Later in the episode, things escalated when Ant appeared as a police officer looking for a cat on the loose. Still, Jeremy had absolutely no clue about the stunt, but Ant finally revealed the prank, saying that Jeremy will face the charges on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

You can re-watch the hilarious moments with Jeremy Kyle from the YouTube video down below.

Ant and Dec’s latest prank

On Saturday night (March 21st), Ant and Dec pranked actor and presenter Bradley Walsh for the second time.

However, this time they pulled the stunt during an episode of his quiz show The Chase.




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