Think you recognise Big Brother 24 contestant Matt Turner? Well, it turns out he used to edit YouTuber MrBeast’s videos before he became a CBS reality TV personality. However, things between the pair ended on a sour note.

Matt Turner, who can be followed at @turnurr, is now an entrepreneurial artist who runs an operation called Rug Shack and often goes travelling in his mini van. The 23-year-old is originally from North Attleborough, Massachusetts.

He now lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, working as a store owner. However, his life used to be totally different when Matt was the editor for MrBeast. So, what happened between them?

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Matt Turner edited for MrBeast

Matt was previously editor for a YouTuber known as MrBeast. Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of YouTube’s top content creators, known for giving out generous amounts of cash and creating wacky challenges.

Turner stopped working for MrBeast in August 2018 after a “mutual split”. However, he appeared to throw out some accusations more than year later when he accused MrBeast of bullying him while he was his editor. Matt posted a series of tweets in October 2019, claiming the YouTube star criticised him for simple mistakes and refused to give him credit.

BB24 star had confusing drama with YouTuber

After leaving his job as an editor for MrBeast, Matt appeared to make claims. “That was the most mentally draining time of my life,” wrote Turner on Twitter. The post continued:

Being in tears and having mental breakdowns day after day is difficult, and after a while became too much. After every editing mistake I made, I was made to feel like an absolute idiot, even if the content wasn’t real. No credit was given unless a video I edited got credited to someone else.

He also claimed in his posts he left as editor because of being forced to re-sign non-disclosure agreements. However, it has since been claimed Turner’s Twitter account was hacked so there is no certainty he posted these comments.

MrBeast spoke out against the accusations in a phone call with Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem. MrBeast said he’d given Matt a $10,000 severance package and another job at SoaR Gaming, as told in an October 9 video. Turner’s main Twitter account had apparently been hacked, Dexerto reports.

Also, in a video later posted by Turner, the editor claimed working with MrBeast was “a blast each and every day”.

Reality Titbit has asked both Matt and MrBeast for comment.

Where Matt’s working today

Matt is now a store owner, Rug Shack in Central Square, which the 22-year-old former Bridgewater State University (BSU) student and his girlfriend Megan Belmonte launched towards the end of 2021.

It is a place where artists can sell and buy creations that involve Matt’s rugs. In addition, soap, vases, woodwork, jewellery and more, all made by local artists, are on offer at the store.

Matt has also been offering free lessons to BSU students interested in learning how to make rugs. Before the shop opened, he was working after high school as a photographer in Southeast Asia!



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