Explained: Who was put on The Block in Big Brother 23?

Explained: Who was put on The Block in Big Brother 23?

All of the members of the Cookout made it to the final six of Big Brother 23. Either Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, or Hannah Chaddha will be crowned the winner, but what will happen now that the alliance has now been dissolved?

One of the members of the Cookout will be forced to leave the game this week…

Read on to find out who it could be!

Who was put on the block on Big Brother?

Kyland Young was victorious in the battle for the Head of Household, and he decided to put Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha on the block which means that either of them could be out the door very soon.

The veto has the power to save either one of those contestants if it is used but the question is whether anyone in the house will be willing to use it on Tiffany or Hannah.

It seems that Tiffany and Hannah’s only chance of survival would be through a backdoor nomination of Xavier Prather. If Xavier is put up on the block, it is a relatively safe bet that he would leave instead of Hannah, and possibly even Tiffany.

What does this mean for the game?

Tiffany and Hannah are unaware that Kyland already has a master plan to reach the end. Kyland, Xavier, and Derek Frazier have already pulled together for a final three alliance, as they believe that none of them would win against any of the women.

The jury is a woman majority, and both Xavier and Kyland have discussed how they cannot take Tiffany with them to the end.

But, Tiffany and Kyland were believed to be close amongst the houseguests even discussing tactics with each other, so anything could happen.

Fans react to Tiffany and Hannah being put on the block

While another Twitter user was thrilled with the decision: “Finally!! The 2 snakes are up on the block and I’m all for it. Tiffany, Hannah can’t leave fast enough”.

One user agreed that Kyland made the correct decision: “It’s the right choice, Ky could be a target next week no matter who he puts up, Tiff would’ve just been the most frustrating if he let her slide. Don’t know if X still wants to build some comp wins under his belt so he could be a block for Ky #BB23”.



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