Ibiza Weekender is the weekly reality show we all need during the self-isolation period.

It’s safe to say that we won’t be able to travel for the next few months (bring on 2021 summer) as many people are forced to cancel their plans for Easter and early summer.

But thanks to series like Ibiza Weekender we can at least enjoy watching the holiday reps’ crazy nights out and new relationships on the sunny Balearic island. For instance, one of Sunday’s (March 29th) highlights was when Callum decided to make it official with Riva.

So, are Callum and Riva dating in real life after ITV2 stint? Let’s find out!

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Callum in Ibiza Weekender

Ibiza Weekender: Series 6, Episode 10

As usual, this series has seen a lot of ups and downs in the lives of the holiday reps. The arrival of new bombshells leads to dramatic love triangles, while solid relationships are constantly tested if they’re strong enough in the long run.

On Sunday’s episode, Callum revealed to fellow reps that he had serious feelings for Riva and said he wanted to make it official with her.

Later in the episode, Callum and Riva went out on their first proper date on the show.

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Riva in Ibiza Weekender

Are Callum and Riva dating in real life?

No, Callum and Riva are not together after their stint on Ibiza Weekender.

The two would have made a cute couple, however, based on Callum’s previous relationships, it’s been difficult for him to settle down with one girl.

Plus, the two haven’t shared any pictures together on their social media profiles, so the two are definitely not dating in real life.

What are viewers saying about Callum and Riva?

Safe to say, viewers watching at home knew that Callum and Riva wouldn’t last long.

A number of Ibiza Weekender fans are rooting for Riva to find someone better.




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