The Big Brother 2018 final is here and it’s time to get voting.

To ensure your favourite housemates don’t go missing, you’ll have to keep up to date with the live voting system. However, the idea of calling a hotline at 33p per minute seems utterly absurd and even texting is a little bit retro.

Here’s how you can vote on Big Brother 2018 without the need to time-travel back to the 90’s.

Big Brother 2018 - Cameron Cole
Big Brother 2018 – Cameron Cole

How to vote on Big Brother 2018 – Telephone

Obviously, you don’t own a house phone.

However, if you’re at your parents’ house, then you can vote during the live evictions.

All you need to do is watch the live episodes that air every night on Channel 5, at 10 pm. Simply ring the set number that is assigned to the housemate you want to evict.

Remember, you are voting for who you want to evict, not save! Only in the final does the system change to voting for who you want to win.

Calls sot 50p plus your Network Access Charge, which makes a complete mockery of that ’33p’ joke we made earlier.

How to vote on Big Brother 2018 – Text

Just like the whole telephone gig, you can text your vote to 6 44 24.

You will need to enter the last two digits from the number of your chosen housemate. Would be a lot easier if you could just send them the names, right?

Big Brotther 2018 - Akeem Griffiths.
Big Brother 2018 – Akeem Griffiths.

Can you vote on the Big Brother App?


Unfortunately, the only way to vote is via telephone or text.

Is it Worth Downloading the Big Brother App?

Sort of.

Although you can’t use the app to vote during the evictions, you do get free access to the Big Brother polls.

These polls run throughout the series and influence a host of things that go on inside the house.

Android users can head over to the Google Play Store to download the app while Apple iOS users have the same option via iTunes.

It’s free and has updated newsbites and unseen video clips.


Big Brother 2018 Odds

The favourite is to win Big Brother 2018 is 18-year-old Cameron Cole.

The 18-year-old has always been considered an outsider for the crown but has since moved above the likes of Akeem Griffiths in the popularity rankings following his emotional reaction to Lewis’s dismissal.

Irishman Cian Carrigan is still up there running a close second while the only other likely winner is Akeem.

Big Brother: A TIMELINE of how Cameron Cole came out as gay!

  • Cameron Cole – 2/1
  • Cian Carrigan – 8/1
  • Akeem Griffiths – 3/1
  • Zoe Jones – 16/1


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