Cash Trapped's insanely complicated rules explained - round by round!

Cash Trapped is back on ITV, replacing The Chase on its weekly 5 pm slot on ITV.

The show started as a concept from The Chase host, Bradley Walsh. He wanted to see what would happen if contestants weren’t allowed to leave a game until someone was a winner.

And while that sounds like a brilliant, if not slightly ominous premise, one of the main criticisms of the game show since it started airing in 2016 has been its over-complexity. So, we thought it best to break down how Cash Trapped actually works considering it’s now back on our screens.

Screenshot: Cash Trapped S4 E1 – ITV Hub

Round 1 – Last Man Standing

In this first round, Bradley asks questions to the six players. If they get the question right, they earn themselves £100 and get to freeze out one of their opponents. All five opponents have to be frozen out until there is the last contestant standing.

Then, the last contestant gets to choose one question from six random categories, each worth £1000 for the correct answer. If the contestant gets the £1000 question right they can ‘cash trap’ one of their opponents; if they get it wrong, they ‘cash trap’ themselves.

The game is then passed back, all players are unfrozen – apart from the ones who are trapped – and the game continues, until there is just one player left.

Screenshot: Cash Trapped S4 E1 – ITV Hub

Round 2 – Head-to-Head

The head-to-head round follows a similar principle to the first. Bradley asks questions, this time worth £250 and whoever gets it right gets to choose one of the six categories worth £1000.

But rather than freezing out their opponents and whittling down the competition, the player gets to choose another player to go head-to-head against for the £1000. Whoever gets it right gets to cash trap their opponent.

The players go through this head-to-head round until there is just one player left.

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Round 3 – Catch-Up with The Accumulator

This round is all about making up for those lost figures. Every correctly answered question Bradley Walsh now asks is worth a whopping £500.

Each player gets 45 seconds to answer as many questions as possible, hoping to work their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Whoever has earned the most cash by the end of the round gets the chance to “escape” with their money.

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Round 4 – The Escape

The Escape round sees the five contestants turn on the one who has the most money and is trying to “escape.”

If the one player is successful in escaping, then the other five leave the competition empty-handed. If they are successful in blocking the player’s escape, the one player is Cash Trapped and the five continue to play for their money.

Bradley asks quick-fire questions in just one minute. If the escaping player gets the answer right, the clock stops and they can choose someone to cash trap. They escape with all their money if they manage to trap the five other contestants.

If the escapee gets the wrong answer, ten seconds are taken off their time.

If they don’t manage to escape, all players return for the next episode. But the player who failed to escape returns with no money at all, whereas the other five have the money they accrued roll over.

Simple enough, eh?




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