Chloe Brockett age: How old is TOWIE's fiery newcomer?

Chloe Brockett was one of a group of new young cast members to TOWIE in early 2019. Chloe, as well as Joey Turner, Kelsey Stratford, Ella-Rae Wise, Tom McDonnell and Harry Lee,  were cast to breathe some new life into the show.

Now, the newbies have settled into the show after their first season and while some friendships have strengthened, others have fallen by the wayside.

Whether you love her or hate her, Chloe is certainly making a name for herself on TOWIE with a shedload of sassy comebacks and one hell of a fiery attitude.

Chloe Brockett has been centre stage as series 25 kicked off in 2019. Let’s take a look at her age, love life and more…

Screenshot: TOWIE s25 e01 Chloe Brockett – ITV

Chloe Brockett: Age

Newbie to season 24, Chloe, is 19 years old. She celebrates her birthday on December 1st 2000.

With Chloe’s feisty behaviour we’d probably have her down as a Scorpio, but it turns out that she’s a Sagittarius.

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The outspoken brunette joined the show alongside her mum, Clare Brockett, who is around 43 years old.

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Screenshot: TOWIE s25 e01 Chloe Brockett – ITV

Chloe B on Instagram

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if a TOWIE cast member wasn’t Insta-famous and Chloe is just that.

Chloe has over 115,000 followers on Instagram (@chloebrockett) and a further 7,000 on Twitter (@chloebrockett1).

She often takes to social media to share her favourite makeup, fashion brands such as Caramella UK and more.

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Pictured: Chloe and Clare Brockett.

Chloe’s love life

Series 24 of TOWIE saw a relationship form between Chloe and Harry Lee.

However, things look to have turned sour between her and the footballer and the pair wound themselves up arguing on-screen during the first episode of series 25.

Chloe attempted to swill Harry at a bar but without anything in the cup, she managed to make a bit of a spectacle of herself.

Now, Chloe and Harry certainly don’t look to be friends. She’s moved on from him and her original group of friends, palling up with Yaz Oukhellou, Courtney Green and Chloe Meadows instead.

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Screenshot: TOWIE s25 e01 Chloe Brockett age – ITV




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