It’s been just a few days since Darragh Ennis has joined The Chase family and viewers at home already want to know all about him. Does Darragh have a wife?

The Chase cast has gotten bigger with its newest addition and brainbox, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis.

Darragh is a lab manager and research technician at the University of Oxford, as well as a previous contestant on the popular ITV quiz series. In 2017, he successfully won the money building round against Paul Sinha.

And quite naturally, many fans want to find more information about him.

So, is Darragh Ennis married? Let’s find more about The Chase’s new chaser.

Darragh Ennis on The Chase, ITV

Darragh Ennis joins The Chase

Darragh made his debut appearance on the ITV series on Thursday, November 19th. His name has been teased since April this year when the news about his involvement on the show first broke.

Darragh is not a newbie as he previously appeared as a contestant on The Chase. Darragh is following in the footsteps of other chasers on the show, including Shaun Wallace and Anne Hegerty.

He is the first chaser to join the ITV series since Jenny Ryan was appointed back in 2015.

The chaser was also teased as the ‘mystery chaser’ on social media, though viewers have known his name and social media handles for months now.

But one thing that The Chase fans don’t know is whether Darragh is married.

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Does Darragh Ennis have a wife? Is he married?

It’s unknown if Darragh is married or if he has a significant other in his life.

Despite that he enjoys a career in the limelight, there isn’t information about the new chaser’s family or partner.

That could change after he makes more appearances on The Chase and gains more fame and media spotlight. It’s very likely that he would appear in other TV shows in the near future where he could spill the beans about his personal life.

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Is Darragh on Instagram?

Yes, he is! You can find him @bonesgiles where he currently has three posts and nearly 1.5k followers.

Instagram is probably the best way to follow Darragh and what he’s up to outside of his gig on The Chase.

He is also on Twitter under the handle @bones_giles. On his bio, the new chaser writes: “I do science and occasionally quizzes. The Menace on ITV’s The Chase. Send me terrible jokes.”

Darragh has amassed only 6,500 followers at the time of writing, but we’re sure this figure is set to rocket now that he is on The Chase.



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