The Cruise is back on ITV for a six-part series and this time the Majestic Princess ship sets sail for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The series follows the lives of almost 5,000 passengers and the crew on board as they visit Sydney harbour, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Taking on the challenge of getting those 3,500 customers and almost 1,400 crew to their destinations in one piece is the ship’s captain – Dino Sagani.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Captain Dino…
The Cruise Shanghai to Sydney – ITV

Dino is Italian

Charismatic Dino comes from Italy.

Captain Dino and general manager Jasper are new characters to the TV series.

Dino was born in Trieste on the North East coast of Italy.

In the previous five series, The Cruise has travelled around the Mediterranean, the Baltics, the Caribbean and Alaska.

He Comes From a Family of Captains

Dino’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all ship captains.

His great-grandfather actually used to own his own ship in which he used to sail passengers around the North Adriatic Sea.

Dino said in an interview that he’s “got salt water in his veins”.
The Cruise Shanghai to Sydney – ITV

His Mother was the Ship’s ‘Madrina’

A ceremony is held when a new ship takes to the sea for the first time.

The ship is given a godmother who has to cut a ribbon and smash a champagne bottle against the ship.

For the ship’s floating ceremony Dino’s mother was the Majestic Princess’s ‘madrina’ – which means godmother in Italian.

Dino Was in the Navy

As a fourth generation seafaring captain, it was pretty much a given that Dino would follow in his family’s footsteps.

Dino studied at the Nautical College in Trieste and afterwards, he joined the Italian Navy and served during the first Gulf War.

He later joined Princess Cruises in 1995, and after 12 years he was promoted to Captain in 2007.

Which Ship is Dino’s Favourite?

Dino is the Master of the Majestic Princess and has been since 2016.

He has hailed the Majestic Princess as his favourite cruise liner as he was the “first captain to sail the ship on her inaugural voyage and season”.

In episode one, Dino has to rein in his seafaring experience as he and his team have to manoeuvre under a bridge in South Korea. It’s a nail-biting moment as there are just metres between the billion-dollar ship and the bridge.


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