Does Saffron Lempriere have a boyfriend? TOWIE star wants to move out!

Does Saffron Lempriere have a boyfriend? TOWIE star wants to move out!

TOWIE cast member Saffron Lempriere revealed that she wants to move out “with someone”.

The announcement was made during the latest episode (Wednesday October 7th) of the 26th ITV series of the reality soap. Saffron, who is a firm fan favourite on the show, was seen getting upset as she told co-star Georgia Kousoulou that she wants what her and boyfriend Tommy Mallet have together.

It led viewers to wonder if Saffron has a boyfriend, and who her previous romances have been with. We done some research to find out if the TOWIE star currently has a beau…

Screen Shot: Saffron The Only Way Is Essex – ITV

Does Saffron Lempriere have a boyfriend?

No. Saffron revealed that she wanted to move out in the recent TOWIE episode, however she added that she didn’t want to do it on her own.

The TOWIE star has never publicly shared any former romances since joining the cast, but is besties with co-star Bobby Norris, and is pretty close with Amy Childs, Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet.

She was also initially close with former cast member Gemma Collins, however the Daily Mail recently revealed that they no longer talk.

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TOWIE fans react to Saffron opening up

Many viewers took to Twitter to encourage the reality star that she “doesn’t need a man to succeed”.

The 28-year-old also said she received lovely messages from fans who comforted her after opening up.

One fan said: “Saffron is way too real, and a beautiful soul… do you girl… when you’re looking for something it hides, then when you focus on you, what you were looking for presents itself…. #TOWIE.”

Wile another simply said: “Saffron doesn’t need a man to be happy.”

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Saffron: Family and Instagram

The TOWIE star has a cute little dog called Dolly that lives with her at home in Essex. She previously regarded Gemma Collins as “family” however Saffron isn’t very public about her biological family.

However her dad did make his first appearance on set when she first joined the cast, when he arrived to pick his daughter up in his taxi.

Saffron posted this statement after the latest episode: “Eventually you’ll end up where you’re meant to be, with who your meant to be with, doing exactly what you should be doing.”

She continued:

Thank you for all the lovely messages, if I can help just a few of you lovely people then that is something remember it’s ok to not always be ok.




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