Lewis G was the talk of the house during an explosive day eight inside the Big Brother house.

In a drama-packed episode, Anamelia Silva was the first BB contestant to face eviction as she bid goodbye to her housemates.

Shortly after, Lewis Gregory threw the biggest tantrum of the 2018 series far, completely losing his sh*t over a meal that had been thrown into the bin. Big Brother had asked the housemates to throw his salad into the rubbish as it had been cross-contaminated with raw meat.

But, amid all this chaos, there was a small scene in the food cupboard where Lewis G was looking for some root vegetables.

This is the scene that you wish you saw!


Lewis G.

Lewis G on ‘Courgettes’

Lively Lewis was in the food cupboard, explaining to vegan Kay Lovelle how he was going to whip up a storm.

Having seen the monstrosity that Lewis produced the previous night (raw mince with salad leaves – which he was adamant was okay to eat), Kay was unsurprisingly reserved about the whole affair.

Nonetheless, Lewis pushed the process by listing the ingredients he was going to add to his curry.

Ingredients such as oregano – which he pronounced “or-eggy-no”.

The tongue-twisters didn’t stop there, however, as Lewis G moved onto the courgettes.

Or, as Lewis pronounced them, “cor-gets”.

For a full description on how to make Lewis G’s vegan curry, you can’t head to the official Big Brother website.

However, we do know the delicious recipe included the following ingredients: Courgettes, tinned tomatoes, curry powder, oregano and kidney beans.


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