ITV’s ambitious new three-part series Planet Child is about to kick off!

The show will look at the way children across Britain and the rest of the world experience life in the 21st century.

So what is the show about and how will it work?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Planet Child – Presenters, start date and episode guide!

Pictured: Rita and Kieran.

What is Planet Child about?

Comprised of scientific and social experiments, Planet Child will develop our understanding of child development.

However it will specifically hone in on radically different cultures and ask how, and in what ways, these cultures affect the development of children.

The episodes will follow the lives of six-year-old Michi from Japan, seven-year-old Uuakhuike, from the Himba tribe in Namibia and how their lives differ from young British kids.

Who are the presenters of Planet Child?

The show will be led by the doctors (and identical twins!) Christoffer and Alexander van Tulleken.

Chris and Xand are no strangers to the television world and have previously co-presented shows such as CBBC’s Operation Ouch!.

But they also follow their own paths, as Chris has worked on the celebrated BBC Two show Trust Me, I’m A Doctor and Xand on Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well.

You can follow both the doctors on their Instagrams, @doctorchrisvt and @avantulleken.

Pictured: Doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken.

Planet Child: How to watch

There will be three episodes of this factual miniseries, starting on Wednesday, May 1st.

The episodes will air every Wednesday at 9 pm on Channel 4.

After they’re broadcast, they will be available to watch on the catch-up service 4oD.

Pictured: Michi.


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