Ferne McCann was seen reeling with excitement as a mystery man called ‘Mr C’ invites her on a private jet on her show First Time Mum.

The former TOWIE star’s romantic life has been very public in the past, but it looks like Ferne is keeping things on the down low at the moment.

Despite not revealing his identity, she seemed pretty excited when he invited her to Cannes on a private jet, as seen in the most recent episode of Ferne McCann: First Time Mum. So who is ‘Mr C’? We done some digging!

Screenshot: Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, Series 6 Episode 2, ITV

Ferne and Mr C on First Time Mum

The 30-year-old ITV star has been receiving unexpected gifts from Mr C, who she regularly refers to as her “secret admirer”.

Presents from the mystery man include a massive bouquet of flowers and a letter, which told Ferne he wasn’t a stalker. She read the letter’s contents:

I was in the area and I was looking at properties for my family, and I noticed that you lived there, and I know this sounds a bit like a stalker. I can assure you I’m not. Thinking of you. Love, your secret admirer.

Ferne said she rang the number he left on her work phone and then described him as though he’s like “Christian Grey” (from 50 Shades of Grey).

He then jets Ferne and her friends off to a 5-star hotel in the south of France the day after her birthday party.

And in the next episode, it looks like she goes on a date with Mr C!

Who is Mr C?

While it looks like things between Ferne and ‘Mr C’ are getting romantic on the show, she revealed in an interview with This Morning on October 22 that there wasn’t a new man on the horizon.

She added that she’s “not ready for a new man”.

Upon research, it looks like there is actually a 55-year-old DJ and rapper called Mr C, whose real name is Richard West – but there hasn’t been any mention of a connection there.

Viewers guess who Mr C is

It looks like Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell is a common guess by several fans on Ferne’s Instagram comments – which is probably because he reportedly dated Ferne last year.

In fact, the only person that viewers have guessed for Mr C’s identity is Gatsby… One fan wrote: “I think mystery man is Gatsby.”

While another said: “Gotta be Gatsby.”



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