TV personality Gemma Collins has returned on our screens with her brand new series Gemma Collins: Diva on Lockdown.

The ITVBe programme combines scenes filmed before and during the quarantine period as the GC takes us through some of her planned professional projects for 2020, as well as how she spends lockdown with her family.

But like many people, Gemma’s plans have been paused for the foreseeable future as she tries to find new ways to keep herself busy and happy.

And one of the things she took up is cycling so that she can get her one exercise per day done.

Gemma Collins

Diva on Lockdown: Gemma Collins on a bike

In episode 2 (May 3rd) of the ITVBe series, Gemma showed off a new bike that she recently ordered to keep herself active.

The GC had someone outside of the house deliver the bike for her and before she went out cycling, she made sure to clean and disinfect it properly.

She then filmed herself and her family members as they rode together near their house. Speaking to the camera, the GC said:

It’s a heart-pumping and makes you feel amazing. So if the GC can get on a bike, guys, so can you.

But Gemma couldn’t fully enjoy this new activity as after getting back she found that paparazzi had filmed her cycling.

Scrolling down through the news on her tablet, she said: “The pap got me, the pap got me…Alright, I’m on a bike ride, it’s not the end of the world, but f***ing bastards, sorry I’ve got to let it out.”

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Gemma Collins: Diva on Lockdown

Gemma’s bad gym experience

Gemma recently shared a bad experience she went through after people had filmed her exercise at the gym.

The GC revealed that she’s not planning to go back to the gym anytime soon and prefers walking and cycling to keep herself active.

Speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast, she candidly opened up about the experience, saying: “I’ve been in gyms before, people have recorded me on their mobile phones and uploaded it on Facebook and said, ‘Look at this fat pig’, which has been really traumatic for me to see.”

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Gemma Collins: Diva on Lockdown

Viewers react to Gemma’s bike experience

Viewers watching at home were equally annoyed at the paparazzi filming Gemma cycling with her family.

One viewer wrote: “What annoyed me was when Gemma went out for a bike ride and the paparazzi had a shot. It’s disgusting that the girl can’t even go out for a simple bike ride!”



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