With Love Island now but a fading memory, ITV is bringing a brand new dating series to our screens this autumn to get back into the reality ring.

Singletown will see five couples press pause on their relationship to spend time exploring their options in the dating field. Each week the newly ‘singletons’ – who are split up into two groups – will be able to watch what their partner gets up to over the week.

But there’s a twist, at the end of each week they will need to decide whether to end their journey and recouple or explore more of life as a singleton in the ‘Love Locket Ceremony’. It’s basically like one long trip to Casa Amor!

Under the guidance of Emily Atack and Joel Dommett, these couples will be put to the ultimate relationship test over the course of one summer locked in London.

So who are the couples making up the Singletown cast? Let’s get to know them a bit better…

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Singletown on ITV2
Pictured: Claudia and Rob, Jeremiah and Selin, Elliott and Charlie, Sophie and George and Luke and Natasha.

Claudia Trante and Rob Greenway

Claudia (21) and Rob (23) were best friends before they became a couple. They have been together for nearly three years now.

Both are from Surrey and while Claudia’s job as a dancer and makeup artist is known, Rob’s is not. And from the looks of Rob’s Instagram, he spends most of his time travelling the world and partying.

Claudia does have Instagram, but currently, her profile is private.

They are entering Singletown together as Claudia has never been single and hopped from one relationship to the next. She’s given the time to figure out if she can do it and even if she may want it.

Sophie Moran and George Bird

Sophie is the youngest of all the singletons at just 18-years-old.

Hailing from Birmingham, Sophie is into a two and a half year relationship with 21-year-old George.

Although they both are besotted with one another, George wants to settle down to tame his playboy lifestyle whereas Sophie wants to become an army medic and has no immediate plans for marriage.

Check out gorgeous Sophie on Instagram @lil_soph2 and George @george.birdd.

Jeremiah Kanjakwa and Selin Tursucu

Jeremiah (23) and Selin (21) from Chelmsford have had the longest standing relationship out of all the couples on Singletown.

They first got together seven years ago but have been on and off again. Jeremiah always is the one ending things with Selin and she has never had another boyfriend. One thing that Singletown will prove to this couple is if they’re actually meant to be together.

You can follow Selin on Instagram @selin_ox where she already has over 1,200 followers. Check out Jeremiah as well @jeremiahkanjakwa.

Elliott Churchley and Charlie David

This couple from High Wycombe had a rather dramatic and serious start to their relationship.

Five years ago Elliott (25) slid into Charlie’s (24) DMs before he had come out. When Charlie eventually did, he had to move into Elliott’s family home after just 7 months of knowing each other.

Elliott’s mother then tragically passed away leaving Elliott and Charlie living together.

After five years they both have decided they need to take a step back and figure out what they want from life and from each other.

Elliott is a model and was a finalist in 2019’s edition of Top Model UK.

Follow Elliott on Instagram @elliottchurchley and Charlie @charlsdavi.

Natasha Finn and Luke Louza

Natasha (24) and Luke (29) are the oldest of the couples taking part in the show.

This West Midlands couple has only been together for just over two and a half years and already they’re having problems. Tash wants to settle down but Luke doesn’t.

Check out Tash on Instagram @natashafinnxo where she already has over 1,500 followers. You can find Luke’s @doublelwv.