Good Morning Britain boycott explained: MPs absent from ITV for 50th day

If you’re a regular viewer of Good Morning Britain, you will, by now, have come across the MP boycott.

Throughout lockdown, British Members of Parliament have refused to appear on the ITV breakfast show or deal with host Piers Morgan. Morgan is often criticised for his lambasting during interviews, but many have praised his no-nonsense approach to questioning politicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Good Morning Britain boycott does not look like it’s going away any time soon and Piers Morgan inevitably has a lot to say about it.

So, find out why they’ve boycotted the ITV breakfast show and what Morgan had to say on Wednesday, June 17th’s show.

Screenshot: Good Morning Britain 16/06/2020 – ITV Hub

How long has the Good Morning Britain boycott lasted?

As of Wednesday, June 17th, we are into the 50th day of the Good Morning Britain boycott.

The boycott of Good Morning Britain started seven weeks ago around Wednesday, May 29th.

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It is unconfirmed how much longer the boycott will go on for.

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Good Morning Britain boycott explained

At the end of May, the Prime Minister and many members of the cabinet stopped going on the ITV show as a result of Piers Morgan’s interview style.

The last Conservative MP to appear on the show was Caroline Nokes on June 10th.

Many – including Piers Morgan – have pointed out that the Conservatives have sent in politicians, backbenchers and former political figures to speak on the behalf of the party, rather than confront Morgan himself.

On Instagram, Piers noted that the boycott has resulted in Good Morning Britain’s highest ever ratings. He wrote: “The longer the Govt boycotts us, the more people are tuning in. We’ll keep challenging them in their cowardly absence. Thank you for watching!”

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Piers Morgan talks MP boycott

Piers kicked off the Good Morning Britain show on Wednesday, June 17th jokingly saying to co-host Susanna Reid: “Happy anniversary… 50 days today the government launched its boycott.”

To commemorate the ’50 day anniversary’, Good Morning Britain aired some clips of the core political figures of the moment, PM Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Piers stated: “We also know Matt Hancock believes in scrutiny and he believes in answering tough questions. He said this on 3 March…” A clip of Hancock then played of him stressing the importance of answering difficult questions, prompting Piers to jibe: “Yes, it’s so important that’s why we haven’t spoken to them in 50 days.”

It looks like this standoff isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.





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