Harrison Torr from Love Your Garden's bucket list journey: Feeding giraffes to skydiving

Harrison Torr from Love Your Garden's bucket list journey: Feeding giraffes to skydiving

ITV’s Love Your Garden surprises deserving people by transforming their outside spaces.

Harrison Torr, 15, touched the hearts of many viewers, who saw him talk to gardener and host Alan Titchmarsh about how he wanted a new garden space following his cancer diagnosis. Last night’s Themed Specials episode told fans of the show about Harrison’s story, who was going through a bucket list of things he wanted to do.

His homemade pallet bench was given a refurbishment on the show, as well as a new wildlife garden. It has been confirmed that Harrison Torr passed away in March earlier this year.

Screenshot: Harrison Torr with his mum Erica, Love Your Garden: Themed Specials, Series 1 Episode 4

Harrison Torr

Harrison, 15, lived in Greatfield, Hull with his family. He first appeared on Love Your Garden in February before the show revisited his story on September 30th.

Harrison, a former pupil at St Mary’s College in Hull, was also featured on Make A Wish For Christmas in December 2019.

He passed away in March earlier this year after being given months to live in April 2019, following a bone cancer diagnosis. After his diagnosis, he decided to start up a bucket list of things he wanted to complete and ticked each activity off on his social media page.

Harrison Torr’s journey

Harrison, who goes by the nickname Harry, was diagnosed with bone cancer in April 2019.

The 15-year-old and his family were told they don’t think his leg is saveable, and he lost his leg. Harry had been given the all-clear but the cancer came back after two weeks.

Further scans revealed that Harry’s cancer had spread and his mum Erica was told that it was terminal.

Harry also offered support to other young children going through difficult times.

Harrison on Love Your Garden

The team at Love Your Garden were tasked with creating a wildlife garden for nature-loving Harrison.

Alan said Harrison is an “amazing example to us all” before visiting him and his mum Erica on the show.

Harry’s bucket list was showcased on the show, which included clay pigeon shooting, skydiving and doing up the garden (for him and his mum), among other activities. He said:

It would be brilliant to have somewhere to sit and just enjoy the time we have together and thinking about things.

When the garden was transformed, Erica shed tears and Harry said he was “speechless”.

On his Instagram, Harry shared pictures of him feeding giraffes, visiting Wimbledon, tie-dying clothes, pigeon shooting and skydiving, and more.





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