The most recent episode of TOWIE had fans shocked as Fran Parman returned to the ITV show.

Diags’ ex-girlfriend Fran made a comeback to The Only Way is Essex in a white dress and was seen making small talk with him as they saw each other on a London night out. However it sparked a strong reaction from viewers who noticed a change in the TOWIE star’s appearance. They wondered if she had gained weight.

So has Fran gained weight? We researched the cast member’s weight journey – read on to find out more!

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Screenshot: Fran, Amber, Dan and Diags on Episode 6 Series 26, TOWIE, ITV

Did Fran gain weight?

  • Yes

The TOWIE star revealed that she put on 3 stone while she looked after her 91-year-old granddad during the lockdown, according to The Sun.

After people commented about her weight online, she responded:

I have put on weight during lockdown and I am doing something about it. But reading that abuse was awful. I am thick-skinned so I can take it but if it was another young girl being trolled this way, God knows what she would do.

However since then, Fran has posted a selfie announcing some news about losing weight.

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Fran’s weight journey

Before last night’s episode aired (September 30th), the TOWIE star revealed on Instagram that she is 10lbs down.

Back in January 2018, Fran lost 3-and-a-half stone and reportedly insisted that her photos had not been edited.

She unveiled her new physique two years ago and encouraged younger girls to “do it the right way”, according to The Daily Mail. Fran said:

Before anyone says I’ve edited it or that’s not me or I’ve had lipo suction. I haven’t. I’ve done this journey for younger girls to follow my tips and do it the right way.

In August, Fran shared a video responding to those who commented on her weight gain.

Fans had contrasting view’s about Fran’s appearance in the latest TOWIE episode.

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Viewers react to Fran’s appearance

Some fans were shocked at the TOWIE star’s comeback, with one asking: “Oh my goodness, what happened to Fran Parman? #towie.”

Another said: “Fran looks so different #TOWIE.”

Others stuck up for Fran, with one telling her: “It’s not about what other people think it’s about you and how you feel, if you want to loose weight please do it for you and not because you have been bullied into it.”



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