Has Gino D’Acampo been in prison? The TV chef robbed Paul Young's house in the 90s!

We are all in awe of celebrated chef Gino D’Acampo, but little we knew that he was in prison back in the ’90s!

The chef and TV personality made a comeback last year with the series Gino’s Italian Express, giving us a delicious round of authentic local cuisine. The series was inspired from Gino’s culinary book of the same name which celebrates Italian food while Gino travels on a train across the country.

Now, this year has seen Gino land an even bigger role, as he’s named the new host of Family Fortunes on ITV.

So, what’s the story with Gino is prison? Here’s everything we know about the chef’s unlucky mishap.

Screenshot: Gino D’Acampo in Gino’s Italian Express

Why did Gino D’Acampo go in prison?

Gino D’Acampo went to prison with robbery charges.

Before becoming the renowned chef he is today, Gino enjoyed far less famous past. He first moved in London back in 1995 to work in a restaurant.


But just a few years later, he was found guilty of robbing the home of singer Paul Young. Gino reportedly stole Paul’s £4,000 guitar collection and a platinum disc from his Mill Hill house.

When did Gino go to prison?

Gino was only 22 years old when he robbed Paul’s home in 1998.

He was sentenced to jail the same year he did the burglary and spent two years in prison.

The chef had left cigarette filters in Paul’s bedroom which was used in the court as an evidence. A DNA test proved that Gino broke in the singer’s house.

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What were the results of Gino’s burglary?

In an interview for The Mirror, Paul revealed that alongside the items Gino stole, there was also music with memories of his late wife Stacey Smith who sadly passed away in 2018.

Paul candidly opened up about Gino’s burglary, saying that he was left with “mixed emotions” since he never got back the stolen items linked to his wife.

“I try to keep a light-hearted attitude on that, ” Paul added about the accident. “He gets enough stick on social networking – he doesn’t need my help as well.”

Screenshot: Gino’s Italian Express S7 E3 – ITV Hub



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