As the 2023 winter season of Love Island is gearing up towards the final, two new bombshells have entered the villa. Their arrival has got fans thinking: Have bombshells coupled up before on Love Island?

Rosie Seabrook and rugby player Keanan Brand entered the villa together, and while they have been getting to know the other islanders, viewers have noticed that the two bombshells seem to be getting along well.

Speculation over whether or not bombshells who enter together can couple up has been taking over Twitter.

Fans share confusion over bombshells

Love Island viewers have noticed that they have never seen two islanders who have entered at the same time (as bombshells) couple up, other than those who enter the villa on the very first day.

Many have wondered if this is a rule set by the producers, or if it is more of a coincidence that bombshells never seem to get together at recouplings.

“What if the bombshells wanted to get together?” one viewer wrote.

Another said: “Random thought.. Are bombshells not allowed to get to know each other?? Never seen 2 bombshells couple up.”

A third tweeted: “Why don’t the bombshells ever couple up?”

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Have Love Island bombshells coupled up before?

Yes, there have been a few examples where bombshells on Love Island have coupled up with each other. However, in all of these cases, the bombshells did not enter the villa at the same time.

Therefore, we don’t know if bombshells who enter together can couple up together, as it has never been done before. The show’s producers have yet to confirm whether or not bombshells can couple up.

The couples consisting of two bombshells throughout Love Island history include:

Fans want new bombshells to couple up

Fans of the show have been sharing their thoughts on the two new bombshells Rosie and Keanan.

One viewer said: “They need to let the new bombshells couple up because they have more chemistry than anyone else there.”

Another tweeted: “I don’t understand why the bombshells who come in together don’t try and couple up… I think Keanan and Rosie might be good together.”

“The bombshells should just hurry up and couple with each other because it’s clear they want to,” someone else wrote.

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