Hedi Green's age revealed: How old is the Real Housewives of Jersey star?

Real Housewives of Jersey debuted with its first-ever series in December last year but what is the age of cast member Hedi Green?

The family of ‘Real Housewives’ welcomed its newest addition in the UK, The Real Housewives of Jersey.

The ITVBe show takes us into the lives of seven ladies, from across all aspects – including their personal relationships and careers.

Many viewers want to find more information about cast member Hedi Green. Here’s everything you need to know about her, including age, career and Instagram.

Hedi Green on Real Housewives of Jersey

Who is Hedi Green?

Hedi Green is a health and wellness professional who become interested in natural medicine from a very young age.

She says she saw her grandmother cure herself and family members of many illnesses using plants and diet.

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Hedi obtained a Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage from the London School of Sports Massage in 1994. She spent her early years in India and lived there for six years.

The ITVBe star also reveals she is a “thrill-seeker” as she has been in a competitive skydiving team for the last two years.

But how old is she?

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Hedi Green on Real Housewives of Jersey

Hedi Green: Age

Hedi Green is 57 years old.

The Real Housewives of Jersey star married in 1985 which is also the year she moved to Jersey, the home of the father of her daughters, Abigail and Cordelia.

In comparison, Margaret Thompson is one year older than Hedi. She is 58.

Meanwhile, there are cast members that are younger than Hedi. Mia Ledbury is 41, Ashley Cairney is 31 and Kate Taylor is 52 years old.

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Follow Hedi on Instagram

Hedi’s Instagram page is a must-see for everyone who is into skydiving and is after some inspiration for thrill-seeking adventures.

She regularly shares posts from her skydiving trips, as well as travel snaps and pictures with family and friends.

You can find Hedi under the handle @hedigreenjersey.



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