Here’s how to do the Slim Fast Vitality diet plan from Save Money: Lose Weight!

Here's how to do the Slim Fast Vitality diet plan from Save Money: Lose Weight!

Save Money: Lose Weight road tests a variety of diets so we don’t have to!

The final episode of the series aired on June 24th 2019.

In season 3 episode 8 the programme takes a look at the Slimfast Vitality diet plan.

So, here are the details of the diet plan and whether it really works or not!

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Does the Slimfast Vitality diet work?

Fifty-four-year-old Deana gave the Slimfast Vitality diet a go on Save Money: Lose Weight.

Each day she was able to eat one meal, two shakes and three snacks.

Hot drinks like tea and coffee were also allowed in the 28-day plan.

It was important to note that Deana had type-2 diabetes, though, so sugar was totally off limits in the diet.

Over the month Deana lost a total of four pounds, which is a healthy average of one pound a week.

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The Slimfast Vitality diet plan

The Vitality diet plan was chosen for Deana as she’s diabetic.

Deana needed to regulate her sugar intake while losing weight and the Vitality diet is said to reduce sugar absorption by 46%.

On the Slimfast diet, you’re advised to eat the following:

  • One 600 calorie meal a day
  • Two Slimfast shakes (each contains 26g of protein)
  • Three snacks from their range

Deana enjoyed the chocolate shakes on the show and also said the breakfast porridge was tasty.

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How much does the Slimfast Vitality diet cost?

The Slimfast diet, according to Save Money: Lose Weight, is slightly more expensive than the Weight Watchers diet.

Jax trialled the Weight Watchers diet and lost just under a stone on the show – that costs £260 per month.

The Slimfast diet was said to come in at under £300 for the month.

You can buy a Vitality seven-day starter pack from Boots here.

And you can get the Slimfast four-week complete bundle here.

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