Several Big Brother 24 viewers have reported there was ‘no sound’ during the July 13th episode, with most of those sharing complaints based in Canada. Fancy catching up without the audio issues? We can show you how.

A bunch of American strangers have been placed into a house, with the end goal to win a grand cash prize by playing a game and winning their fellow contestants over. However, the process doesn’t come easy.

The CBS reality TV show can be tuned in via Global TV, an app known as Canada’s second most-watched private terrestrial television network. However, the recent episode went mute for many who live in North American country.

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‘No sound’ for Big Brother viewers

Big Brother viewers in Canada noticed that there was an audio issue while watching the July 13th episode on Global TV, which streams the CBS reality TV show on its app while the show is on air.

A multitude of complaints came in during the episode, with some even urging the network to re-air the episode. Many claimed they had stopped watching BB24 as a result of hearing ‘no sound’ from their screens.

Sound issues were not reported by anyone living outside of Canada. Those tuning in via the live CBS network could also hear the audio as normal. Global TV has provided this advice when it comes to audio problems:

How to catch up with BB24

Any Canadian residents who have access to Global Vancouver or one of the Western Canada Global stations can tune into the episode at 11pm, but for anyone else, they can watch the episode on Global TV App the day after it airs.

If you want to watch Big Brother live, you can access each episode on the Global TV App at 8/7 Central time. There are also clips on the show’s official YouTube where viewers can see short clips from the episode.

The app is free with a cable TV subscription, and allows users to access Global, HGTV, Food Network, Slice, History, W Network, Showcase, National Geographic, Adult Swim and 24/7 Global News.

The audio issue has been fixed

The sound problems faced by some Big Brother viewers appeared to be fixed almost an hour after the episode began airing. So when the next episode airs on Wednesday July 20th, the audio is expected to be back to normal.

One viewer said on Twitter that their sound “came on at 52 mins”. About ten minutes away from the end of the episode, the Global feed started to give sound right in the middle of the Taylor “lie” scene.

Canadian fans could hear a ringing noise at the start of the show, and then no sound at all, but the issue was resolved by the end of the episode. Commercial breaks also still had sound in-between the July 13th episode.



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