ITV has brought series 2 of Save Money: Lose Weight with Dr Ranj Singh and Sian Williams this year.

The show focuses on people who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle by losing weight and saving money in the process.

In episode 5 (February 20th), viewers were introduced to the metabolism reset diet which helps people to rejuvenate their bodies in one month.

So what is the metabolism reset diet about? Here’s everything you need to know about it, including cost and case study.

Save Money: Lose Weight, metabolism reset diet

The Metabolism Reset Diet: What is it?

The metabolism reset diet is based on physician Alan Christianson’s book of the same name. Dr Christianson promises that the diet helps you to lose weight naturally and repair your liver.

This specific diet is a 4-week fasting plan which substitutes two of your three meals a day with a protein shake.

The fasting diet recommends regular and fresh meals cooked from scratch. The diet also encourages unlimited vegetable snacks during the day such as carrot or celery sticks.

The Metabolism Reset Diet: Cost

On Save Money: Lose Weight, the 28-day diet cost around £240.

It’s certainly one of the cheapest fasting plans out there.

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Peter on Save Money: Lose Weight, metabolism reset diet

Save Money: Lose Weight: Case study

In Thursday’s episode (February 20th), the case study was health and safety consultant Peter. He is 63 years old and weighed 22 stones and 6 pounds (around 141 kg) at the start of the challenge.

He used to skip two of his regular meals, eating one main dish in the evenings. Using the metabolism reset diet, Peter started cooking more homemade meals and incorporating protein shakes as part of his diet.


Peter was also encouraged to do light exercise during the day such as walking the dog in the neighborhood.

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Metabolism reset diet: Peter’s results

By week 2, Peter was enjoying the metabolism reset diet as he didn’t have any drastic cravings. He also added that he’s had the lowest blood pressure for a long time.

By week 4, Peter managed to lose 30 pounds (13 kg) and came on the leaderboard for saving the most money per lost weight.

He managed to save £8.05 for every lost pound. Impressive!





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