How to make Gino's chocolate cheesecake - Italian Express step by step!

Chef Gino D’Acampo returned to ITV for more Italian adventures last night (Thursday, November 21st) with his new season of Gino’s Italian Escape.

The seventh series has the title Gino’s Italian Express, as he is travelling across the north of Italy solely by train!

The first episode saw him make a mouthwatering pork and truffle fettuccine dish, but it was the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake which really captured the viewers’ attention.

Here’s how to make Gino’s chocolate cheesecake, step by step!

Screenshot: Gino’s Italian Express S7 E1 – ITV Hub

No-bake chocolate cheesecake: Ingredients

There are three simple layers that make up this no bake chocolate hazelnut cheesecake, making it a stress free recipe. First a biscuit base, then a cheesecake layer, and on top a hazelnut topping.

For the biscuit layer, you will need 300g of any biscuits – plain or chocolate chip like Gino uses – and 150g of melted salted butter.

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For the filling, you will need 700g full-fat room temperature cream cheese, 50g icing sugar, 400g chocolate hazelnut spread, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Finally for the topping, you will need 200g of more chocolate spread, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, 80ml double cream and 80g of chopped toasted hazelnuts.

How to make: Step by step!

Step 1: Blitz up the biscuits in a food processor until they are a fine crumb. Add the melted butter to the mix and blitz again. You want the biscuit base consistency to hold its form but not be over-worked.

Step 2: Line the biscuit mixture to the bottom of a springform cake tin and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Screenshot: Gino’s Italian Express S7 E1 – ITV Hub

Step 3: Add the vanilla extract and icing sugar to the cream cheese and mix with a hand-held mixer. Next add the 440g of chocolate spread and mix again. Finally add the cocoa powder and blend once more.

Step 4: Pour the chocolate cream cheese mixture on top of the chilled biscuit base.

Step 5: Leave the cheesecake to set in the fridge for at least six hours.

Screenshot: Gino’s Italian Express S7 E1 – ITV Hub

Step 6: Heat the double cream on a hob until it is warmed but not yet simmering.

Step 7: Add the other 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, the 200g of chocolate spread and the warm cream into a mixing bowl and combine with a spoon until it reaches a thick and glossy consistency.

Step 8: Drizzle the topping mixture on top of the chilled cheesecake and add chopped toasted hazelnuts as a garnish.

Step 9: Remove the cake tin and serve!

Screenshot: Gino’s Italian Express S7 E1 – ITV Hub




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