Save Money: Lose Weight is back on our screens this January to help the reported 29 million of us who will attempt a diet this year.

Dr Ranj Singh and Sian Williams are once again sifting through all the fads to find out which diets actually have a bang for your buck with their ‘pounds for lbs’ challenge.

Episode 2 (Thursday, January 30th) introduced viewers to a plan which allows you to eat whatever you like, but the low-calorie equivalents, but it was the dieting app which really captured everyone’s attention.

So, what is the Noom app? How does the diet work?

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Noom diet app: Overview

Although Noom was created back in 2008, it hasn’t really picked up interest until the previous years where it has rocketed.

Aimed at millennials, Noom aims to transform people’s lives for the better, helping them either lose weight or obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re seeking to drastically lose weight or just wanting to learn to cook healthier meals and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle, this is the app for you.

It was designed with behavioural psychologists and nutritionists to help change lifestyles through monitoring patterned eating.

However, some may be put off buying the app, as it is one of the more expensive diet plans on the market coming in at £40 per month. That’s £480 per year!

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How to follow Noom’s diet plan

The app takes in information about you, your weight and lifestyle, plus about how much and what you tend to eat in your day-to-day. You can either fill out this initial questionnaire on their website or when you first download the app, via Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.


It will then tailor an eating plan for you, helping you reach your target weight over the course of a set period. Recipes are also stored on Noom, which will be suggested for your meals every day.

Ann – episode 2’s guinea pig – was restricted to just 1,200 calories per day.

The app allows you to eat what you want, following its guidelines. This is based around a colour coding system: red foods in minimal amounts, amber in moderation, and green is all you can eat!

If you’re looking for motivation, be sure to check out the chat rooms for extra encouragement.

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Noom diet: The results

If you were wondering whether the Noom diet was worth the investment, it sure is! After just 28 days, Ann had lost a mega 1 stone 3 lbs.

The Express also reported that 77% of Noom users said they lost weight while using the app.

Although this diet still comes in at the most expensive they have looked at so far on the show, that doesn’t make it any less effective.

Screenshot: Save Money: Lose Weight S2 E2 – ITV Hub




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