ITV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is officially a-go in November 2019. The series 19 lineup for I’m A Celebrity includes Ian Wright, Jacqueline Jossa, Caitlyn Jenner, Andy Whyment and more.

As well as the footballing legends, singers and actors, there’s a TV host thrown into the mix for season 19 in the form of Kate Garraway.

The mum-of-two has been shouted at, appointed camp leader and she’s, of course, been covered in bugs, slime and anything else you can think of.

Is Kate Garraway wearing makeup in the Jungle? Let’s take a closer look.

Kate Garraway im a celebrity makeup

Screenshot: Kate Garraway Im A Celebrity makeup – ITV

How old Kate Garraway?

Kate Garraway was born in Abingdon, Oxfordshire on May 4th 1967. She’s 52 years old in 2019.

Although Kate’s into her fifties, she looks great. However, the topic of a little nip and tuck has come up since she’s been in the Jungle.


Kate and Caitlyn Jenner were having a chat at the shower in episode 15 which started out about fitness but turned into a chat about plastic surgery.

On the subject of cosmetic surgery, Caitlyn said: “There are distinct characteristics between female bone structure and the male. Biggest one, the distance between the top of your lip and your nose is less on women. Although you have quite a bit. Don’t worry we can fix it.”

Although we don’t reckon Kate’s going to be rushing to the surgery table.

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kate garraway im a celebrity makeup

Screenshot: Kate Garraway Im A Celebrity makeup  – ITV

Is Kate wearing makeup in the Jungle?

Viewers of I’m A Celeb took to Twitter in late November 2019 as it appeared that Kate was wearing makeup in the Jungle.

One wrote: “Are we really pretending that Kate Garraway isn’t wearing a full face of make up?”

However, Kate’s husband was quick to set the record straight. Speaking to The Sun, Derek said of his wife:

She never looks better than first thing in the morning. When we go on romantic breaks I beg her not to put make-up on. She’s naturally beautiful.

Although it’s unconfirmed whether Kate is wearing makeup in the Jungle or not, she did manage to take in concealer as her luxury item. As well as concealer, we’d guess that Kate is also wearing semi-permanent eyelashes or has had her eyelashes dyed as they look very dark on-screen.

Kate Garraway’s admirers

Whether Kate’s wearing makeup or not, it doesn’t really matter as it looks like she’s got admirers aplenty.

One I’m A Celeb viewer took to Twitter to declare their love for Kate: “I can honestly say with every fibre of my being, that Kate Garraway is my favourite thing to happen to this show in yeeeeeeears.”

As well as some standard appreciation, Kate’s also had a Twitter account made for her breasts. And 28-year-old Myles Stephenson admitted that he fancied the TV presenter just over two weeks into the show.

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