What happened to Kiosk Kev? I'm a Celebrity character gets re-cast for 2020!

There’s a brand new character appearing in this series of I’m a Celebrity, Kiosk Cledwyn, but what happened to Kiosk Kev?

The wait is nearly over and I’m a Celebrity 2020 is almost here.

It’s going to be a little different this year, with the Australian jungle being swapped for Wales’ Gwrych Castle, but the location isn’t the only thing changing this year.

The iconic Kiosk Kev is also being changed to a brand new Kiosk Cledwyn – but what’s happened to Kev?

Kiosk Kev is being replaced by Kiosk Cledwyn

For the 2020 series of I’m a Celebrity, a few changes have had to be made to ensure that everything fits in with the new Welsh theme.

That means that unfortunately, the famous Outback Shack worker Kiosk Kev has had to go. But don’t worry, they haven’t got rid of the iconic character completely, he’s just being replaced with Kiosk Cledwyn.

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I’m a Celebrity bosses haven’t yet revealed what Kiosk Cledwyn will look like, but he’s named after the legendary Welsh Labour political Cledwyn Hughes who died in 2001.

What happened to Kiosk Kev?

If you’re wondering what’s happened to Kiosk Kev, he simply didn’t fit the bill for the new Welsh version of the show.

Played by Mark Herlaar, a 54-year-old lime farmer from Toowoomba in Queensland, Kiosk Kev couldn’t appear on this series of I’m a Celebrity because it’s way too far for him to travel from Australia.

Plus, his very Australian appearance probably wouldn’t have looked quite right in the cold Welsh Gwrych Castle.

A source told The Sun: “Obviously flying Kiosk Kev to the UK was a no-go so they’ve cast Kiosk Cledwyn.”

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Will the Dingo Dollar Challenge be the same?

The Dingo Dollar Challenge will be exactly the same as it usually is in the Australian version of the show, it’s just got a new name – the Castle Coin Challenge.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2020 starts on Sunday November 15th at 9pm on ITV.

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