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What is Anne-Sophie Flury age? Here's all you need to know about Roman Kemp's girlfriend

Roman Kemp proved to be a total fan-favourite after successfully tackling a number of challenges on I’m A Celebrity 2019.

And if you’ve been following this year’s series from its early start, during episode 2 (Monday, November 18th) of the ITV show Roman attempted to win a luxury item which had a mug with his girlfriend’s face on it.

Sadly he didn’t win the item at the time, but we got to find out more about his relationship throughout the series.

So how old is Roman’s girlfriend Anne-Sophie Flury? Here’s everything you need to know about her!

(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Harrods)

Who is Anne-Sophie Flury?

Anne-Sophie Flury is a neuroscientist linked to Imperial College London.

She was born in Bern – the capital of Switzerland. Before moving to the UK, she also lived for 18 months in Hong Kong.

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Based on her Instagram pictures, Anne and Roman must have known each other from the beginning of 2018. Her earliest snap of them was in May last year.

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How old is Roman’s girlfriend?

While there’s no information on her age, we did some digging on Anne’s Instagram page to find out.

For instance, in one of her snaps from last year, Anne has used the hashtag #hello30. So could that mean that she is in her early thirties then?

If she is, that means she’s slightly older than Roman who was born in 1993 and is 26 years old. Roman is the youngest member in his family since his sister Harley is 30 years old.

But, looking at pictures of Anne-Sophie, we doubt she’s older than Roman!

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Anne-Sophie on Instagram

Anne is on Instagram under the name of @coochiebygucci with 22.8k followers and a total number of 182 posts.

Impressively, her Instagram page has been growing since in another story Reality Titbit covered only two weeks ago she had 12,000 followers. She should be thanking the I’m a Celebrity fans for sure!

Roman’s bae is also on Twitter under the same handle.

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Anne-Sophie Flury’s job

While she’s studying neuroscience in London, her Insta page also has a link to SHU GUM – a product which helps to keep your shoes clean.

So by the looks of it, she might be also doing some work with that company as a side hustle.

She’s spent a fair amount of travelling too, as she’s been in Hong Kong, Morocco, Florida and Italy.

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