What is vomit fruit? I'm A Celebrity 2019 welcomes back the Bushtucker trial classic!

Turkey bits, camel’s anus, cow’s eyeballs and a bull’s penis have all been on the I’m A Celebrity menu in 2019.

The one and only show where anyone would even speak of such things let alone eat them, kicked off for a nineteenth series on November 17th.

If you never thought you’d see the day when Roman Kemp had to chow down on a fish eyeball, then think again, because it’s happening. The Bushtucker trials are well underway with the poor celebs wretching, eyes watering and mind’s boggling.

Vomit fruit is also part of the I’m A Celebrity 2019 diet. So what is it? And does it really taste that bad?

Screenshot: vomit fruit Im A Celebrity 2019 – ITV

I’m A Celebrity 2019: What is Vomit fruit?

Vomit fruit is technically known as Morinda citrifolia. It’s part of the coffee family and is also known as Noni fruit.

The fruit is often featured on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as part of the show’s Bushtucker trials which sees celebrities eat ungodly items of ‘food’ in order to win prizes.

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Series 19 episode 4 saw Adele Roberts tuck into some vomit fruit. The radio DJ looked ready to vom herself as she chowed down on the fruit.

During the trial presenter Declan Donnelly said that the fruit’s smell is where it gets its name from. Adele described the food: “It’s like your dog’s been sick and you have to eat it.”

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Does it really taste that bad?

Adele was gagging and wailing while eating the vomit fruit making viewers believe that it tastes absolutely rancid – and that’s because it does.

According to Atlas Obscura, when fully ripe the fruit tastes like “a combination of sharp cheese, lemon, and vomit.”

It’s so bad that they add: “Polynesian shamans will use the fruit to ward off evil spirits.”

Where does vomit fruit come from?

Vomit fruit grows across Indonesia, Australasia and other tropical areas around the world.

The fruit in some ways is consumed across the globe as its often used as a health food.

You can buy Noni fruit powder online as well as concentrated capsules as it’s said to have tonnes of health benefits. And this way you don’t actually have to endure the smell or the taste of vomit fruit!

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Screenshot: vomit fruit Im A Celebrity 2019 – ITV




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