Is ITV's weather girl Becky Mantin pregnant again? Viewers can't work out if she is or not

ITV‘s Weather has been presented by blonde bombshell Becky Mantin on and off since 2005.

In 2019 she’s been causing a stir as viewers couldn’t work out if she was pregnant or not, with some even creating an online forum to discuss the topic.

So, is the ITV weather girl, Becky Mantin, pregnant?

Screen Shot: ITV Weather Becky Mantin – ITV News

Becky Mantin: Children

In 2009 Becky married Jack Heald – a yachtsman turned professional rugby coach.

She has three children Rory (9), Thomas (7), and Elizabeth (4).

Becky has a huge 16.3k followers on Twitter as well as a further 8,620 followers on Instagram.

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You can join them by following her handle – @beckymantin.

Is the 2019 ITV weather girl pregnant?

In 2019 an online forum was created to work out whether the weather presenter was indeed pregnant.

It turns out that Becky definitely is pregnant as you can see from her appearance on ITV Weather on May 26th 2019.

Screen Shot: ITV Weather Becky Mantin – ITV News

Screen Shot: ITV Weather Becky Mantin – ITV News

Becky’s Instagram bio also reads that she’s: “Mummy to Rory, Tom, Elizabeth and bump! Wife to Jack, Hygge obsessive and ITV Weather Presenter…. completely knackered! X”

Becky Mantin: Pregnancy announcement

On April 2nd 2019 Becky took to Instagram to announce that she was pregnant.

However, it wasn’t until May 12th that she posted a full-length photo with a clear baby bump showing.

Becky’s fourth child is due in October 2019.



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