Julie Chen is facing now-debunked rumors that she is pregnant while hosting Big Brother 24 on CBS. As a result, a series of questions such as how many children the star already has, and whether she is still married, have come up.

Since the reality TV show’s debut in 2000, Julie has been its main woman. From interviewing the eliminated contestants to earning the nickname “Chenbot” for her interaction with the studio audience, it wouldn’t be Big Brother without her.

So why is everyone asking if Julie is pregnant? We found out what fans are saying about her outfit and got the background answers to her marriage with Les. Plus, Reality Titbit got to know her son Charlie a little better.

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Is Julie Chen pregnant?

No, Julie is not pregnant. Several viewers seemed to think she was expecting due to her straight-down pleated top and skirt which appeared to hang off her body rather than cling to it, leading fans to think she was hiding a bump.

However, going back several years, the host was actually pregnant with her first child during season 11 of Big Brother. Her baby bump was on full display throughout the season, with Julie making no attempts to hide it.

The 52-year-old has made no recent pregnancy announcements. She also shows no signs of a bump, with how her outfit looks on the 24th season often revealing a flat stomach, there are no suggestions of a baby on the way.

Reality Titbit has contacted Julie for comment.

Fans discuss ‘lamp shade’ outfit

During the July 24th episode, Julie wore a floral pleated top with an orange skirt. However, this didn’t match the taste of many viewers who took to social media to discuss her outfit choice.

One fan wrote: “How did Julie get my Nana’s 1973 church outfit? #bigbrother.”

Another reacted on Twitter: “Is Julie Chen’s outfit terrible on #BigBrother or am I just poor?”

“As beautiful as you ALWAYS look, tonight that outfit didn’t work for you, unless you’re pregnant! SORRY! You still looked beautiful!!”, penned a Big Brother viewer.

Is Julie still married to Les Moonves?

Yes, Julie continues to be wed to Les Moonves. They have been married since 2004, several years after she met him while working as a news assistant for ABC News in Los Angeles in September 1991.

She met Les, who was president and chief executive officer of CBS Television, during his marriage to Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves, who he divorced in 2003. A year later, Julie and Len tied the knot at a private ceremony in Mexico.

On September 24th, 2009, Chen gave birth to their son, Charlie. Now 12 years old, he is Julie and Les’ only child but she tends to keep him out of the public eye. He lives in a 10,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate with his parents.

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