Is Naughty Boy a chef as he cooks oxtail on I'm A Celebrity?

Naughty Boy took it in his stride to cook oxtail on I’m A Celebrity, which was so delicious that Kadeena said she was “retiring” as chef.

Each night, Paralympian Kadeena Cox takes on the role of cooking, but when oxtail arrived for the campmates, Naughty Boy replaced her.

Despite some drama surrounding how he could cut the oxtail before cooking, it looked like his chef skills were well-received by the celebrities.

Naughty Boy then revealed that “mans don’t know he’s a chef init”, leaving viewers wondering what his real job is on the outside world.

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Viewers question if he’s a chef

When Naughty Boy revealed he’s a chef, he left many I’m A Celebrity viewers completely confused about what he does for a living.

Looking through Twitter, it’s clear that some weren’t convinced, while others were actually wondering if he does cook professionally.

One wrote: “naughty boy: “from a chefs perspective”.

“also naughty boy: gets knocked out of cooking with the stars whilst kadeena wins celebrity masterchef.”

Another said: “Kadeena won Masterchef, Naughty Boy just worked out that Oxtail is tail. I know which one I’d rather be the chef.”

Is Naughty Boy a chef?

No, Naughty Boy is a not a professional chef, despite claiming he is. He meant it as a phrase due to the passion he has for cooking at home.

He claims to cook rice every day, and got angry when the other campmates referred to the dish as “rice pudding”, leading to a rift with Frankie Bridge.

Recently, he said he is a chef, before claiming that other people don’t know this. But really, Naughty Boy cooks for his mum all the time.

He uses cooking to connect with his mum, who has dementia, as everything he makes in the kitchen is done the same way she previously done it.

Naughty Boy told The Mirror:

Cooking for the family was a big part of her life, it was her whole life. When I moved out she used to cook for me and send me food parcels. Now she can’t do it any more. So I moved in with her, as a primary carer, and I decided to teach myself so I could make those same meals for her. It’s become a coping mechanism for me. I cook for her every day.

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His career before I’m A Celebrity

Naughty Boy has had a successful career as a producer and DJ.

The songwriter and musician rose up the ranks for his number one hit La La La, after releasing his album Hotel Cabana in 2013. 

He also had top-ten single Wonder with Emeli Sande, and Lifted with Sam Smith, while his debut album hit number two in the UK!

In March 2015, it was confirmed Naughty Boy had worked with then-One Direction member Zayn Malik for one of the tracks of his second album.

In terms of cooking, Naughty Boy did play his hand at Cooking With The Stars earlier this year!



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