The Only Way is Essex is back on our screens and it hasn’t fallen short of drama, gossip and the latest updates on the cast member’s lives.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday 23rd), viewers did not miss something that looked like a pregnancy test in one of the cast’s handbags. TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou was looking into the bag during the scene.

Although Episode 4 of the 26th season of the ITV show focused on Olivia Attwood being torn between spending time with her beau Bradley Dack in Manchester or seeing her friends in the south, it wasn’t the main event on everyone’s minds. So is Yazmin Oukhellou pregnant? We done some research to find out!

pregnancy test towie
Screenshot: Pregnancy test in Yaz’ bag, TOWIE, Episode 4 Series 26, ITV

Yazmin on episode 4 of TOWIE

James ‘Lockie’ Lock, who has recently got back together with Yazmin, is seen being romantic during last night’s episode. He asked Yazmin to write him a poem, with the finishing line saying she can’t wait to “have his kids”.

At the end of Episode 4, Yazmin goes through her bag to which a Clear Blue pregnancy test is shown.

In a preview trailer clip of Episode 5, which will be shown on Sunday night, Yazmin is seen telling Lockie: “I don’t know how to tell you this but I think I might be pregnant.”

Lockie responds saying that they are only just getting back together and that the news “throws everything out”.

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Is Yazmin Oukhellou pregnant?

  • At the time of writing, it has not been confirmed whether Yazmin is definitely pregnant or not

Yazmin said she thought she “might be pregnant” but we will have to wait until Sunday’s episode to find out more. In an Instagram post that was uploaded three days ago of Yazmin in a swimsuit, there is no clear baby bump on the TOWIE star.

However TOWIE is filmed just a few days in advance to episodes being released, so it is unlikely that Yazmin would have a bump yet. She told new! magazine a week ago:

We’re not rushing anything but I wouldn’t have got back with James if I didn’t see a future with him. I don’t ever look to waste my time, so yeah, I’d be lying if I said I don’t see that with him but it’s very early days so we are taking it slowly.

Yazmin and Lockie are still happily loved up!

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Fans react to pregnancy test in Yazmin’s bag

Viewers are excited about the potential news. After a quick scroll on social media, fans were seen reacting with shock to the pregnancy test in Yazmin’s bag.

However some fans believe it could just be for a “storyline”. One viewer said: “How can you might be pregnant, Yaz has obviously done the test. She’s either pregnant or not pregnant. I’m afraid there’s no in between…. honestly…. #TOWIE.”



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