ITV’s brand new dating show The Cabins started this week, and one of the contestants is Joel, but who is he? Let’s explore his age, job and Instagram!

This time last year, the producers of Love Island decided to put on an extra winter version of the show, and it had us all hooked for eight weeks. It actually turned out to be perfect timing too, because the summer version of Love Island was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, we don’t have Love Island to get us through Love Island this year. But, what we do have is ITV’s brand new The Cabins. The show started on Monday (January 4th), and is a Love Island-esque dating show.

One of the people that caught everyone’s eye in the first episode was Joel. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

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Who is Joel from The Cabins?

Joel Rees is a 22-year-old man from Swansea and his job is… wait for it… a bin man! Yes, that’s right, the Welsh sweetheart really is a rubbish collector.

If you want to follow him on Instagram, it’s @joeljoshuarees, and he has just over 1,000 followers on there.

From his photos, it seems as though he’s very into the gym, and he has a super cute baby nephew!

Why did he go on the show?

Joel joined the cast of the show because he hasn’t had the best of luck finding a girlfriend in his hometown, and according to Wales Online, he wants to find someone “outside of Swansea”.

Speaking about his past dates, he said:

“I wouldn’t say any of them have been amazing. Most of the time it’s like a one hour or two-hour date. If you’re going to have an amazing date you’ve got to have the right girlfriend to do that, not just a one-off date. I haven’t had that yet, I’ve not had a long-term girlfriend.”

He also admitted that he’s now deleted online dating and is looking forward to life in the cabin, especially getting in the jacuzzi.

Joel reveals his favourite Love Islander

If you’re wondering what Joel’s type is, then look no further because he’s revealed his favourite ever Love Island contestant. Any guesses? Well, its actually surf-chick Lucie Donlan who appeared on Season 5.

According to Popsugar, he describes himself as “fun, cheeky, and entertaining” and revealed to ITV that his celebrity crush is Lucie Donlan because he’s “a fan of sporty girls”.

Sorry Joel, Lucie’s actually taken and happily dating Series 6 Love Islander Luke Mabbott. But hopefully, he’ll find his match in The Cabins

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