ITV: What did Kash say on Family Fortunes? Truth behind 'rude' word revealed
Screenshot: Family Fortunes, Series 1 Episode 6, ITV

ITV: What did Kash say on Family Fortunes? Truth behind 'rude' word revealed

Game show Family Fortunes is back, but its recent episode shocked fans as contestant Kash blurted out a ‘rude’ word on national TV.

While ITV bleeped out the words, it only led viewers to start making suggestions about what she actually said while she competed on the Sunday evening show at 8pm (October 25th).

Viewers have made their guesses – but what did Kash actually say on Family Fortunes? We explored the truth behind what the contestant came out with!

Screenshot: Family Fortunes, Series 1 Episode 6, IT

Kash gets bleeped out on Family Fortunes

Kash, from the Popat family, and Ryan who is part of the Wilson family, go head-to-head to give answers for “something you put in your mouth but you don’t swallow”.

For the first round, Kash was quick to press her button, and gave an answer that was bleeped out by ITV. They completely covered her mouth so viewers didn’t get the chance to try and lip-read what she came out with.

And the worst thing was that her answer wasn’t up there on the board, so 100 people that were asked the question didn’t make this suggestion.

What did Kash say on Family Fortunes?

Kash’s brother Rohan, who appeared on the show alongside her, has confirmed on Twitter that Kash said “d*ck”. After a viewer took to Twitter to find out why she was bleeped out, he responded with this claim.

While ITV and Kash herself have not revealed exactly what was said, many viewers have also taken to social media to imply that the answer given was probably of a sexual nature.

The contestant looked at her family and laughed after finding out the answer was not worth any points, with her mum saying: “Out of 7!”

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Viewers guess what Kash actually said

While fans suggested that she said “something she shouldn’t have”, there were many guesses that Kash said “p*nis” or “se*en”.

Others made suggestions of jizz, c**k, sp**k, and c*m, so pretty much most of the slang relating to a sexual nature that you can think of.



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