ITV2: What is new series Singletown? Will it replace Love Island?

ITV are about to launch a brand new series this summer ft Joel Dommett and Emily Atack.

The UK TV network is the proud owner of Love Island, their flagship for reality TV, while they also own a host of varying dating platforms such as Dinner Date and Take Me Out.

Their latest dating venture comes in the form of Singleton, which is gearing up for a premiere on ITV2 any time soon. Fans are desperate for a show to swoop in save their evening boredom now that Love Island is no longer airing at 9 pm.

So, what is Singeltown about? And is it going to be any good?

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Singletown on ITV2
Pictured: Joel Dommett and Emily Atack.

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What is ITV’s new dating series about?

Over 15 episodes, couples will voluntarily put their relationship on ice for a summer of single lovin’ in the city of London.

Filmed very recently over summer 2019, the series will follow the newly single bachelors and bachelorettes as they live it up in Ltown, attending hand-picked dates and attending the hottest parties around.

But, come the close of summer, will the couples choose to get back together or remain solo?

Paul Mortimer, Head of ITV Digital Channels said:

ITV2’s young audience will hopefully be hooked on the dating dilemmas, twists and turns and the fresh and re-kindled romances that emerge from this exciting new format.

How to watch Singletown

As it stands there is no confirmed start date for Singletown.

However, it is not on the TV schedule before August 9th and is likely to start the week after.

It will air on ITV2, likely at 9 pm.

Will it be as good as Love Island?

Unfortunately, there’s no possible way that Singeltown can replace the highs and lows of Love Island 2019.

ITV have constantly tried to find a show that can reel in viewers post-summer although shows like Survival of the Fittest did little more than epically fail.

We’re sure Singletown is a must-watch for any reality TV lover, just don’t expect the lofty heights of Love Island.

Can you apply for Singletown?

Unfortunately, applications closed in June.

However, you may be able to apply for series 2 – if it happens – by flowing the link here.

The page hosts applications for all of their TV series from Love Island to Ninja Warrior and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.



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