This Morning: Buy mussels from James Martin's supplier - plus make the moules marinere recipe!

Over the past two months people have been taking to the kitchen like never before. With the opportunity to eat out off the cards during quarantine, Brits across the country have either been relying on takeaways or brushing up their cooking skills.

As a result, a vast majority of TV programming has revolved around food and recipe ideas. From new series such as Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On to reruns of old favourites, there is an abundance of food on our screens.

But surprisingly, ITV’s breakfast show This Morning is an old favourite for recipe ideas. Every morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby welcome TV chef’s Phil Vickery and James Martin to the studio to share their recipes of the day.

Yesterday’s show (Wednesday, May 13th) saw James rustle up two delectable seafood dishes. Find out how to make James’s mussels recipe on This Morning here!

Screenshot: This Morning 13/05/2020 – ITV Hub

James talks mussels on This Morning

James Martin took his opportunity appearing on This Morning to talk about how the pandemic is affecting the fishing industries. One of James’s fisherman that he relies on for produce recorded a clip for This Morning to talk about how they were being impacted.

Speaking about what was happening to mussels, the fisherman said:

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Instead of harvesting them for top restaurants in the UK, we’re having to throw them away and it’s a tragic shame. We have to dump over 300 tonnes because we have no restaurants to supply.

Phillip then added after the clip aired that the farmer is throwing away £20,000 worth of mussels per week.

In a bid to combat this loss in clientele, James created a recipe using mussels so viewers at home would be encouraged to buy the shellfish and cook them up at home.

Screenshot: This Morning 13/05/2020 – ITV Hub

Buy mussels from James Martin’s supplier

Flying Fish is James’s supplied featured on the episode of This Morning. You can order all of their seafood produce through their website.

You can also contact them on the number 01726 213 443. They do next-day delivery for much of the country.

They sell the St Austell Bay mussels from Cornwall which were used by James for his moules marinere recipe.

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James Martin mussels recipe: Ingredients

For James’s classic take on moules marinere, you will need 1kg of fresh mussels – he recommends you buying them direct from suppliers, such as the fisherman featured in the This Morning segment.

You will also need 2 tbsp olive oil, 100g of cubed butter, 1 finely chopped onion (or shallot), 3 garlic cloves, 150ml white wine, 150ml double cream, 2 bay leaves and a small bunch of flat-leaf parsley.

James also recommends, as is the traditional way, serving the mussels with crusty bread.

How to make James Martin’s mussels – This Morning recipe

Step 1: Add the cubed butter to a large saucepan on a medium heat. Add the finely chopped onion.

Step 2: Add the garlic to the pan – you can either finely chop the garlic or just give them a squish so their flavour is released. Add two bay leaves and let the mixture sweat for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Add the white wine to the onion mix and turn the heat up to high.

Step 4: Wash and clean the mussels then add them to the pan. Don’t add any mussels to the pan which are already broken. Discard the ones which have opened slightly.

Screenshot: This Morning 13/05/2020 – ITV Hub

Step 5: Pop the lid on the pan and leave to cook for around 4 minutes. They are ready when the shells have opened fully.

Step 6: While the mussels are cooking, chop all of the flat-leave parsley, stalks and all.

Step 7: When the mussels are cooked, pour over the cream and add the chopped parsley. Leave on the heat. Add a big pinch of salt and season with pepper and stir together.

Step 8: Remove from heat and eat with crusty bread. Only eat the mussels which have opened.

Screenshot: This Morning 13/05/2020 – ITV Hub




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