RHOCH: Who is Lauren Simon’s date Matt Finn? Meet the father on Instagram!

RHOCH: Who is Lauren Simon's date Matt Finn? Meet the father on Instagram!

Lauren Simon goes on a blind date, as seen on the December 7th episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Let’s meet Matt Finn…

Cast member Rachel Lugo set Lauren up on the date, having recently got into a relationship with a man named Nick.

It is the first time that Lauren has dated since going through her divorce, so her fellow housewives seem to be rooting for her.

So who is Matt Finn? Let’s find out all about Lauren’s date!

Screenshot: Lauren Simon, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Series 12 Episode 9, ITV

Lauren and Matt’s date

The housewife reveals to Matt that she wants to be with someone who she has chemistry with, and that she wants to “rip clothes off”.

He asks how he’s doing, with Lauren telling the camera that she doesn’t know if Matt is the man for the job.

Her fellow housewives agree that she’s a “tough one to crack”, as they sit on a table in the same restaurant…

Lauren also said that if a private jet box isn’t getting ticked, she’s starting to worry – and Matt revealed he could do a hand glider for a day.

The housewife later said he just isn’t for her, so it doesn’t look like any romance is on the cards.

Who is Matt Finn?

Matt is a father to two daughters Ruby, 12, and Maisy.

He enjoys watching cricket, travelling to places abroad such as Barbados, and going for runs.

Lauren’s date has a full sleeve on one arm and half a sleeve on the other.

It looks like Matt could work for retail brand Sif Jakobs Jewellery, as he posted an picture of their award at the 2016 UK Jewellery Awards.

According to social media, it looks like he has been single for 3 years.

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Does Matt have Instagram?

  • Yes

Matt and Lauren are currently following each other on Instagram – despite Lauren telling the camera that Matt isn’t for her!

However, at the time of writing, it is not yet known whether anything further happened between the pair.



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