Big Brother 2018 has started in electric fashion, with a house divide beginning to form after only a few days.

At the centre of attention is Lewis Flanagan, the second Lewis of the house, but the one who is from Middlesbrough, has long hair and much better abs.

The 27-year-old has constantly found himself embroiled arguments with Anamelia Silva. He also let loose in the Diary Room, swearing at Big Brother over the sleeping arrangements, where Tomasz Wania’s thunderous snoring has kept everyone awake.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Lewis F.

Big Brother 2018 - Lewis Flanagan
Big Brother 2018 – Lewis Flanagan

Lewis is Obsessed with His Body

Before entering the house, Lewis told Big Brother that he was a bit of a fitness freak, with a passion for yoga, meditation, cycling and the gym.

He’s already lead the charge for garden workouts, although Lew’s Instagram looks even more obsessive.

It may be a standard overcast day in London, but that won’t stop Lewis F from being the only geezer with his top off in the beer garden.

He’s a Flexitarian

If you didn’t notice from the picture above, the event Lewis was at was literally called ‘Vegan Nights’.

Vegan Nights is a monthly plant-based party on Brick Lane, where we imagine Lewy posed around topless telling everyone about how vegan he is.

He’s actually a ‘flexitarian’, which basically means a vegetarian who still eats meat from time to time.

Lewis’ Tattoo is Upside Down

Lewis F only has one tattoo – and it’s upside down!

The writing on his wrist that reads ‘love your story’ would typically face the other way. This is to stop people looking at his tattoo and thinking ‘well, that’s f*ckin upside down’.

However, Lewis took to Instagram to explain that he wanted it that way. He’s just so cool and quirky, ya’ know!

My first tattoo, when I got this the tattooist said that it was an upside down tattoo because when people read it it will be upside down, so I said to him it’s not for other people it’s for me.

He’s Not a City Boy

Lewis is originally from Stockton-on-Tees, near Middlesbrough, but moved to London for work.

He left L-town after a few months, though, announcing that he just wasn’t suited to the hustle and bustle of big city life.

I have decided to leave London after this week, I’m just here working to be here and I’m not enjoying it anymore. Took a big risk coming here with next to no finances after turning down the main opportunity I came here for as it didn’t feel right, I could come back when I had more finances but if I had more finances I wouldn’t come back here, city life just isn’t for me I belong on a beach somewhere tropical and peaceful.

Lewis’ Passion is Self-Growth

Lewis’s main passion in life is not chocolate, football, wine or having fun. It does sound good on a CV, though.

The 27-year-old told Big Brother that self-growth and self-development is his main passion. He also believes that everyone should work on becoming the ‘ultimate version of themselves’ – physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.


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