Love Island: Arabella Chi’s role alongside Wonder Woman explained

Love Island: Arabella Chi’s role alongside Wonder Woman explained

It looks like Love Island bosses have an unlimited supply of fresh-faced models just waiting to hop on a flight to Majorca.

Love Island 2019 has seen a serious level of hot enter its doors from surfers to social media influencers and more.

Now, another newbie enters the Love Island villa in episode 16 and she’s not just a pretty face!

At first glance, Arabella is sultry and confident and her arrival gives this year’s nice guy Curtis Pritchard the shock of his life.

Here’s everything you need to know about Arabella Chi’s involvement in DC films.

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Pictured: Arabella Chi.

Arabella Chi and Wonder Woman

Going off first impressions, Arabella comes off cool as a cucumber.

She’s said to be a bit of a joker but there’s a whole side to her that no one knows yet.

Arabella has worked on huge box office films alongside Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot!

According to IMDb, she starred in DC film Justice League in 2017.

Arabella works as a stuntwoman and played the part of an Amazonian in the movie.

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Arabella Chi and Jason Momoa

As if the 28-year-old’s good looks weren’t enough to get every girl in the UK raging with jealousy, Arabella is also said to be friends with Jason Momoa.

Yes. Jason Momoa – the absolute hunk who starred in Aquaman and Conan the Barbarian – Arabella and him are ‘pally‘ apparently.

Arabella is said to have set her eyes on two boys in the villa – Danny and Anton.

She has said that she finds Jason Momoa attractive so obviously, Arabella goes for a hunky, rough and ready type of guy.

Yewande would be less than impressed to see the 5 ft 10 goddess stride in and steal her man but she and Danny did look to be on the rocks!

Who is Arabella’s ex?

At the end of Love Island episode 15, we got a sneak peek of the new arrival, Arabella. She sets herself down on a sun lounger in the villa.

Fellow Islander Curtis whips off his hat and sunglasses in the episode 16 preview in shock at her arrival.

This behaviour from Curtis has prompted viewers to assume that Arabella could, in fact, be a blast from the past of his.

We’re not one hundred per cent on the Curtis and Arabella love story. But she definitely did go out with an ex-Islander from 2018 – Charlie Frederick.

To make things nice and awkward Lucie Donlan also went out with Charlie for six months. Now the two ladies are going to be in the same vicinity.

After seeing that two of his exes are on the 2019 programme, Arabella and Lucie’s ex called out Love Island online. He took to the internet to say “You wanna have my life and f***ing more?”.

He’s not a happy chappy!

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