Love Island: How many tattoos does Maura have? Can you spot them all?

Love Island: How many tattoos does Maura have? Can you spot them all?

The whole dynamic of the Love Island villa shifted once Irish bombshell Maura Higgins arrived.

Maura, with Elma Pazar, by her side, strode into the villa in episode 10 of the 2019 show.

She hasn’t held back with her sexual comments and forward behaviour and Maura’s got some edgy tattoos to match her personality.

Here’s everything you need to know about Maura Higgins’ tattoos!

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Pictured: Maura Higgins.

Love Island: Maura’s tattoos

Maura Higgins found herself in the middle of a love triangle after about half an hour of being in the Love Island villa.

She beelined straight for Tommy Fury which sent Tommy’s partner, Molly Mae, over the edge.

Now that the love triangle has been sorted out, we’ve been able to get to know Maura a little bit more.

As well as her sensual antics, Maura’s body ink has been the talk of Twitter as she’s been lounging around in swimwear showing off her model’s physique.

While most viewers have been concerned at the fact she’s got a pair of red lips tattooed on her bottom, others have called her out for having ‘Rihanna’s’ body art on her neck and leg.

Maura’s bum tattoo

From her Instagram, we can see that Maura got her ‘lipstick kiss mark’ bum tattoo in 2014.

She didn’t go it alone to the tattooist, Maura roped in a friend to get the tattoo done with her.

Maura would’ve been 24 years old when she got the ink etched on her derriere!

The small set of red lips has gained 28-year-old Maura some negative attention online with some Twitter users commenting “Yuck” over the ink.

What other tattoos does Maura have?

As well as her eye-catching lips tattoo, Maura has a couple more that we can see.

The Irish beauty has some kind of scripture written on her side going from her left thigh up to her hip.

The black ink looks pretty fresh in her Instagram post in 2019.

However, sometimes her upper leg tatt is visible and other times it isn’t, so perhaps this one isn’t actually real and just a transfer for when Maura fancies a change.

Or as a model, Maura may cover the tattoo makeup for specific shoots.

Maura also has a Rihanna-style tattoo on the back of her neck which trails down her back.

It looks like Maura got all of her tattoos quite a long time ago from her Instagram.

Maura can be seen sporting her neck tattoo all the way back in 2015.

She often looks keen to show off her tatts in an array of revealing photos on social media.



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