One of the most emotional things about each Love Island finale is the lovely speech each contestant had written to their other half.

On Sunday night (February 23rd), Luke Trotman declared his love for Siannise Fudge by sharing a sweet poem he’d prepared for her.

To write a speech is one thing, but to prepare a whole poem to your partner is definitely on another level! His message was so touching that it got Siannise, the Islanders in the villa and fans of the ITV2 show sobbing.

Here is Luke T’s full speech, as well as what he meant with his “real-life princess” comment to Siannise.

Luke Trotman, Love Island 2020 finale

Luke T’s poem to Siannise

For the last few weeks, Luke T and Siannise proved they are pure relationship goals and Luke T’s emotional speech is the clear evidence here.

“Letter to the Fudge, it’s time to bare all my feelings,” Luke T started reading out his poem. “Our first date brought tonnes of laughter and that kicked off our spark. And since that night, all you’ve done is to continue to fill my heart.

“We’ve had our obstacles and triangles, shout out to Rebecca and Wallace, but I will never step foot in a triangle again, and that I can promise. My feelings somehow have hit higher heights now Bev and John approve. And I know Luton to Bristol is far, but for you, I would definitely move.”

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Siannise Fudge, Love Island 2020 finale

The “real-life princess” comment to Siannise

In his speech, Luke T didn’t forget to mention that Siannise is the queen in his life. He continued:

I appreciate your support in my degree, football and other endeavors, and I’ll always support you like in the Hideaway with all of those feathers. Siannise I honestly can’t believe I found a real-life princess and life feels enchanted ever since you said yes.

Luke T finished his poem, saying: “I pinky promise to always make your fairytale dreams come true because from the bottom of my heart I’m proud to say that I really do love you.”

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Viewers were sobbing over “real-life princess” comment

To declare your love for someone and say you’ll treat them like a princess was enough to get many viewers sobbing.

“Sis I full on cried,” tweeted one fan. “Luke T is the best at doing a speech and he’s the best at making Siannise feel like she’s a queen.”

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