Britain’s Got Talent 2019 is officially in action!

The rounds of auditions are over and the live auditions take place from Monday, May 27th.

Every year sees more and more talent fly through the audition doors and this year a dance group was particularly special.

KNE was a dance act with a difference which impressed the judges and audience alike.

We found KNE frontman Kyle on Instagram as well as all the other group members!

Screen Shot: BGT 2019 KNE – ITV

Who is BGT 2019 act KNE?

The final round of auditions saw KNE take the stage.

KNE stands for Kyle Nemesis Entertainment after the group’s frontman.

The group members are aged 22-35, with Simon Cowell mentioning during the audition how good Kyle looked for his age of 35.

Isha Nemisis, Charlie Manley, Bruce Carson and Tee Nemesis make up the rest of the group members.

You can follow KNE on Instagram here.

Screen Shot: BGT 2019 KNE – ITV

What happened in episode 8?

The Britain’s Got Talent judges were all in awe of 2019 act KNE.

Kyle entered the stage and it looked as though he and a pianist were a musical duo.

Right before viewers eyes, KNE was born as all the other dance crew members joined the stage.

KNE gave an impressive performance with all four judges giving them a ‘yes’, however Simon did mention that some of their moves were a bit ‘boyband-esq’.

Screen Shot: BGT 2019 KNE – ITV

Meet Kyle from KNE on Instagram

Dance group KNE was first introduced on BGT with the main man of the group, Kyle Lettman, pretending that he was a solo singing artist.

The KNE frontman is on Instagram – @kylelettman.

He has over 43,000 followers on Insta already.

Kyle often posts videos of himself singing and dancing, with a few saucy dance duo videos posted, too!


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“Thank you for Guiding me” 😔

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