Rumours have flown around before its air date that Singletown could fill the big hole that Love Island left in our lives. However, it will be left to viewers to make up their minds’ from September 2nd when Singletown kicks off.

The longest-standing couple on Singletown, Selin and Jeremiah have been together for seven and a half years.

However, those years haven’t exactly been plain sailing as the pair deal with trust issues and more on-screen. During Selin and Jeremiah’s introduction, Jeremiah said: “I don’t get to do anything I want to do, I’m bored, it’s stale”.

Let’s meet the fiery couple from ITV2’s new show in 2019, Singletown…
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Singletown: Ep1 on ITV2
Pictured: Selin.

Singletown: Meet Selin and Jeremiah

Selin and Jeremiah are one of the five couples taking part in ITV2’s Singletown.

The pair come from Chelmsford, Essex and want to put their relationship to the test.

And what better way to see if your relationship can stand the test of time than to spend a summer being single?

Jeremiah kicks off his Singletown journey pretty confident that things have gone stale between him and Selin, however, once he starts realising that she could be having fun being single and mingling, the jealousy starts to kick in.

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    Screen Shot: Singletown – ITV

Selin Tursucu on Instagram

Selin has over 1,300 followers on Insta, however, it doesn’t look as though she’s on Twitter.

She’s 21 years old and hails from Essex. You can follow her @selin_ox.

Selin managed to confuse her housemate, Claudia, on arrival to their London home for the summer. When Claudia asked: “Where are you from?” Selin replied: “Guess” for Claudia to assume that “Guess” was a location in the UK…

Selin mentioned that she’s attracted to confident, arrogant guys, so this should make for an interesting series.

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Is Jeremiah on Insta, too?

Yes! Jeremiah has 617 followers on Instagram (@jeremiahkanjakwa) and it doesn’t look as though he’s on Twitter.

At 23 years old he’s two years older than his Singletown girlfriend, Selin. In an interview with Bradford Zone, Jeremiah said that if his girlfriend was to move onto someone else it would be a wakeup call for him.

Jeremiah graduated from the University of Leicester in 2018.

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Get to know the Singletown cast – Sophie, Rob and Selin on Instagram!

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